Author Doug Johnstone with S6 pupils – Second Writing Workshop – 14 November 2019

Wednesday 14 November saw the return visit of Doug Johnstone and his second workshop with S6 pupils. All about bridging the gap between school & university writing.

The coffee was ready after a long drive from Edinburgh on icy roads!

This second Bridge Toolkit with Doug Johnstone was in our cosy conference room. It was all about flow & tone; critical thinking; evidence; stages of writing and proof reading. So valuable for our pupils.


 “Language is always dangerous. Discuss.” And our S6 pupils did.

Evaluating a short story led to discussion. One group had to say why it was good: They said it has a start, middle & end. The other group had to say why it wasn’t good: They said “Show & Tell” and “Robotic rhythm.”

All part of this S6 wonderful writing workshop with @doug_johnstone

Huge thanks to the Bridge project and Royal Literary Fund for these visits.