Author Visit – Cathy MacPhail

On Wednesday 12 March a very famous author came to Elgin Academy and her name was Catherine MacPhail. She seemed really nice and full of life. She showed us a trailer about one of her books ‘Mosi’s War’ and we thought it was very intriguing and mysterious. When she told us about her book ‘Grass’ she put an image in our minds of a train going past a wall with Sharky is a grass in big red letters. This was also the most popular book and all the copies were sold. We wished there had been more for us to buy. We also wished we had more time with her, to ask questions and to hear about the new film of her book ‘Another Me’. When she was talking about her books she went into so much detail that you could really make out the scene and what was happening. She also got people involved when she was talking and our class was very enthusiastic about the visit from Cathy. She has definitely encouraged us to read and we found her an inspirational person, and very interesting. She was a good choice to visit our school.

Class 1.1 feedback reported by Sophie Francis, Megan Duncan, Megan Forsyth and Eilidh McCalman.