Author Visit – Jonathan Meres

March in Elgin Academy Library was far from the Norm as we welcomed author and comedian Jonathan Meres.

  • Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do?
  • Have you ever felt life was unfair?
  • Do you have a really annoying brother/sister?These were some of the questions posed by Jonathan Meres, author of the hugely popular World of Norm books, to S2 pupils during his visit this month. The clue is in the name Norm, Jonathan explained to pupils, he’s really quite normal. Norm is a perpetually outraged teenager, who hatches plans, gets into mishaps and tries to evade the consequences. Jonathan said he doesn’t know much about dragons and wizards, but with three teenage sons of his own, knows a lot about teenagers. The World of Norm is welcome to the world of teenagers. Jonathan spoke to four S2 classes in the library, reducing all (including staff) to gales of laughter, with a procession of funny voices, hilarious singing and spot-on impressions. All were engrossed in the sessions and found them inspiring enough to queue to buy copies of Jonathan’s books and have them signed. All of “The World of Norm” books are available in the library.