Bias, opinion and fake news – S4 Parents’ Workshop

Bias, Opinion and Fake News: Checking  What’s Real!

Mrs Toonen delivered this workshop to parents as part of the S4 Curriculum Information evening on 15 May.

As pupils are researching, they will find facts that need to be verified with supporting information and pupils will use several sources to do this. Being able to find information and evaluate if it is true or false or needs more support, is a valuable skill and one that pupils will use over and over in the senior phase. Evaluating information and becoming independent researchers in the senior phase means more than ever that that pupils need to use trustworthy sources. Ones which make it clear when an article is a factual or an opinion piece. Across the curriculum, pupils will be marked on how they use different sources.

The workshop focused on bias and objectivity in sources and how pupils and parents can understand what a good source is. Is it reliable, relevant, who is behind it? How is the argument affected in the source?

Parents watched a video all about Fake News. There was some discussion about what exactly Fake News is:

  • False stories that are deliberately published in order to make people believe something untrue or to get lots of people to visit a website.
  • Stories that may have some truth to them, but they are not completely accurate. This is because the people writing them don’t check all the facts before publishing.

Parents discussed a checklist for spotting fake news and were given a poster on spotting fake news in packs to take home.