Book of the Month February 2020

Last Bus to Everland by Sophie Cameron.

Bullied by two of his female classmates, Brody Fair is saved by a handsome Spanish boy wearing blue fairy wings.

Nico Clark Calderón invites Brody—via an invitation written on an origami lily—to meet him on Calton Hill in Edinburgh on Thursday at 11:21 p.m. precisely. Charmed and eager to see Nico again, Brody sneaks out and enters Everland—a magical place where no one dies and the passage of time is vague. Challenges at home and changes in Everland eventually force Brody to make a difficult decision.

Last Bus to Everland is a beautiful book that our Novelties Book Club pupils loved, because, when you meet Brody, you will care about him very much. His insecurities and struggles are genuine and sympathetic, as is his temptation to run away and never look back.

This book was all about learning who you are; learning to accept yourself even if some people never will; coping with life’s difficulties, and realising that even people whose lives look perfect have their own struggles you don’t even know about. It is also a fantastic read that you will love sinking into!