Book of the Month March 2020

For all our pupils, who are grappling with and enjoying big ideas.


This book by Jeffrey Boakye and Darren Chetty combines personal testimonies, photos and images and readable chunks of non-fiction with bold headers. This excellent book does not provide answers, but rather is filled with superbly provocative questions: Are there male and female brains?; Have you seen adults treating boys and girls differently?’; ‘How do you think it feels to be bullied?’ and ‘Do we need terms like gender, masculinity or femininity?’

Timely and necessary, this book is a friend which holds out an encouraging, steadying hand to any young person and invites readers to think for themselves about the issues involved.

“Masculinity has too much Masculinity to ask for help. Masculinity is misunderstood. Masculinity is fragile…Masculinity is the law. Masculinity is religion. Masculinity is flawed” (Salena Godden).