Book Talks

The book talks are part of the BGE library programme and introduce pupils to different themes, genres of fiction and to a wide range of authors, as well as to non-fiction books. The aim of the book talk programme is to motivate pupils in their reading, to help them to develop confidence in reading and to introduce them to a range of books that they may not have been aware of previously.

The talks are delivered by Mrs Toonen during dedicated library periods, once a month. The library periods are 50 minutes and include time for borrowing books too. The sessions include short readings from the books, book trailers and film clips, finishing the session with some discussion of the books. Feedback from pupils is at the end of the academic year, via surveys and discussion. These are collated and discussed with the English department and changes are made, ready for the new session’s programme.

Mrs Toonen also includes our senior pupils in the book talks, for example, our S6 Auschwitz Ambassadors deliver a talk in January for Holocaust Memorial Day.

In S1, the focus on themes and in S2, it is on individual authors as well as some themes.