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Poems To Live Your Life By by Chris Riddell – Book of the Month – October 2019

Our October Book of the Month is a beautifully illustrated collection of poems for everyone. It is divided into different subjects and includes poems about youth, love, imaginings, and endings. Brought to life by Chris Riddell’s fabulous illustrations, Poems to Live Your Life By is the kind of book that we can return to again …

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Book of the Month – The Gifted, The Talented and Me by William Sutcliffe – September 2019

Our September Book of the Month is laugh out-loud, funny, and relatable.  ‘This school is an amazing opportunity!’ said Mum. ‘You’re going to find new depths you never realised you had’. ‘I don’t want new depths,’ I said. ‘I like the ones I’ve got already.’ ‘Those aren’t depths,’ said Ethan. ‘They’re shallows.’ You think you …

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June Book of the Month: Akissi Cat Invasion 3 June 2019

Mischief, adventure and trouble! Jump into the laugh-out-loud mis-adventures of Akissi in this wonderful comic book, based on author Margeurite Abouet’s childhood on the Ivory Coast. Akissi is a little girl who gets up to nuisance, and this delightful collection of illustrations is about her rascal ways, and with her monkey Boubou, there’s no telling …

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Book of the Month – Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys – May 2019

May is National Share a Story Month and the theme is Travelling Tales. Our Book of the Month is the astounding Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys.   A group of teenage refugees meet on the road in the chaotic countryside of East Prussia in winter 1945. The Nazi Reich is collapsing all around …

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Book of the Month April 2019

Real-Life Mysteries: Can You Explain the Unexplained? By Susan Martineau & illustrated by Vicky Barber Stories about urban myths, real-life mysteries, unexplained happenings. Have you ever shuddered in horror at ghosts, looked at lights in the sky and wondered about UFOs, or stared across Loch Ness hoping to see our Nessie? You are invited into …

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Book of the Month – Farewell Tour of A Terminal Optimist – March 2019

Our March Book of the Month, chosen by Novelties Book Club is: Farewell Tour of A Terminal Optimist by John Young and the Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2019 winner. Isla in Novelties Book Club was very happy to show it off during the meeting on Wednesday 6 March. Copies are on the library desk👍

Book of the Month February 2019

Alpha: Abidjan to Paris by French illustrator Barroux and writer Bessora. Translated by Sarah Ardizzone and supported by Amnesty International. “We are all somebodies, not nobodies” – Bessora. Alpha does not consider himself ‘illegal’; he thinks of himself as an adventurer. But he’s even stronger, or perhaps just luckier, than most travellers. He says, “Indiana …

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Book of the Month Positively Teenage by Nicola Morgan January 2019

Our January Book of the Month is this brilliant guide to teenage wellbeing by Nicola Morgan. Another pitch-perfect book for young adults. Positively Teenage gives you the power to let yourself flourish, achieve and be who you want to be. Use your powers well and be truly, positively, teenage! This book will show you lots …

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BOOK of the MONTH – Out of The Blue by Sophie Cameron – December 2018

Our December Book of the Month is this debut novel from Sophie Cameron and is a wonderful, magical tale set against the backdrop of the bustling throng that is the Edinburgh Festival. When angels start falling from the sky, it seems like the end of days are near – but for one girl, it’s just …

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Book of the Month November 2018

The Ways of the Wolf by Smriti Prasadam-Halls We are howling with delight about our choice for November’s Book of the Month (sorry!)  The Ways of the Wolf by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and beautifully illustrated by Jonathan Woodward is one of the more outstanding new books for National Non Fiction November 📚💜 Discover the facts about …

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