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Visitor 18 June 2019

We do like a visitor and on Tuesday 18 June, it was lovely to welcome Mrs Riddoch @riddoch_lynne at lunchtime. She joined in with the #YoungSciBooks meeting, enjoyed a chat with our Comic Characters Club pupils and… met our other visitor & said hello to Nebula.   Who arrived in good time for our Comic …

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Counting Down to Comic Con with Comic Characters Club 18 June 2019

Counting down to Comic Con with Comic Characters Club on Tuesday 18 June. T-2. Thursday #Epic #Event

Comic Characters Club and Countdown to Comic Con 11 June 2019

Countdown to Comic Con is on! Happening on 20 June. Comic Characters Club was a hive of activity. Jake & Kodie & Bartek all wrote 50-word reviews for the @ExcelsiorAward table and Josh finished a superb evaluation form for Comic Con attendees. Miss Birrell treated us to some drawing ✍️which was fab!

Comic Characters Club and Comic Con Planning 28 May 2019

Our Comic Con is coming 💫on 20 June and at their meeting on Tuesday 28 May, the Comic Characters Club planned an Excelsior Award display🌟 We also have a new recruit: student History teacher Miss Burrell is a fan of Manga, Anime & Cosplay. She will be Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon. Save …

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Comic Characters Club 23 April 2019

Comic Characters Club met on Tuesday 23 April and voted for their favourite @ExcelsiorAward book and completing their ratings forms too. Discussion the blue shortlist. Kodie said that Supergirl has very nice art work, a good storyline & she enjoyed it. Vaughan thinks Isola’s artwork is appealing, but the story can be difficult to follow …

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Comic Characters Club and Masks 26 March 2019

Comic Characters Club was busy at lunchtime on Tuesday 26 March. Creating masks to be used as templates by our visiting P7s during the summer term. Awesome work! 💫

Comic Characters Club and The Two Captains Marvel 19 March 2019

Comic Characters Clubon Tuesday 19 March was full of chat. Everyone enjoyed listening to Mr Clark tell us about The two Captains Marvels and why one is now Shazam #comics #fun #graphicnovels

Elgin Academy’s First Ever Comic Con! NEWSFLASH 13 March 2019

COMING SOON! Elgin Academy’s First Ever Comic Con! Date: Thursday 20 June 2019 Events will be held at lunchtime and our visiting P7s will be able to participate in these. The Comic Con event will be held after school. Invitations will be extended to P7 pupils and their families, as well as Elgin Academy pupils …

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Captain Marvel Film Trip 12 March 2019

Our heroes from Comic Characters Club and the English department Graphic Novel Electives were all ready to enjoy Captain Marvel on Tuesday 12 March at Moray Playhouse 🎞️🌠📙 Were they excited? Yes, they were! Now we know that Goose the cat not only steals his scenes in Captain marvel , he also steals the Cosmic …

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Comic Characters Club Buzzing on 25 February 2019

What a buzzing Comic Character Club on Tuesday 25 February! Everyone is very excited about our World Book Day event on Thursday 7 March: Heroes & Villains in Just a Minute Challenge. There was good chat about progress with the Excelsior Award and time to complete Books That Make Us Go WOW! cards too. Fun …

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