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Lunchtime Book Clubs – Staff Book Group and Comic Characters Club – 19 February 2019

There were two booky lunches during lunchtime on Tuesday 19 February, with two book clubs. Bonus! Staff Book Group enjoyed sharing of opinions of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton. Comic Characters Club pupils were busy creating posters, planning activities & chatting about books too. A happy lunchtime library indeed!

Comic Characters Club Tuesday 12 February 2019

There was lots of lively chat during Comic Characters Club meeting on Tuesday 12 February. Good chat about the book Captain Marvel, with a possible trip to see the film Captain Marvel soon. Pupils and staff also shared the Excelsior Award books and plans are afoot for our World Book Day event on Thursday 7 …

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Comic Characters Club Relaunch 22 January 2019

Tuesday 22 January at lunchtime saw the relaunch of our Comic Characters Club 💕🎉 YAAY👍💜 With lots of NEW activities, events and news of a hugely exciting summer term event, this was a meeting NOT to be missed! The Excelsior Award Blue Shortlist has been catalogued, is looking good and was ready to share. Committed, …

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Book Clubs – Comic Characters and Staff – 16 January 2019

There were two very lively lunchtime book clubs during lunchtime on Tuesday 16 January. Comic Characters Club pupils shared new good reads & some art work too. Staff Book Group started small and grew during lunchtime! Lots of discussion of Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh and about what to choose for next month #happyreaders

Excelsior Award Shortlisted Books Have Arrived 9 January 2019

Whooo… Look what arrived on Wednesday 9 January! @ExcelsiorAward Blue Shortlist. #graphicnovels #excitements Looking forward to sharing these with pupils and staff very soon.

Comic Characters Club Meeting 18 December 2018

There was lots of chat during the final meeting of term on Wednesday 19 December with our Comic Characters Club. Day 18 of our Hanging Advent Calendar was opened by members of the Comic Characters Club and shared over lunch.  It was the classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The entrancing tale of how …

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Comic Characters Club meeting 6 November 2018

It was a lively Comic Characters Club on Tuesday 6 November. Everyone  shared recent great graphic novels and began on a makeover of their noticeboard ✒📝💜📚

Comic Characters Club 30 October 2018

Comic Characters Club was back – with a blam! – on Tuesday 30 October👊! All about ideas for a new noticeboard, creating their own work and sharing latest reads.

Comic Characters Club 18 September 2018

What a very busy lunchtime on 18 September with Comic Characters Club – sharing, designing, talking & creating designs for their noticeboard – and the library assistants – tidying! Much needed. Eating chocolate helps a bit with the process #Goodtimes

Comic Characters Club 4 September 2018

There were lots of new members to Comic Characters Club on Tuesday 4 September, which was FAB!   From next week, we shall have three different groups to ensure everyone can do what they enjoy. Finn is working on a Vote for Your Fave Character; the girls are creating a comic and all had a …

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