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Paired Reading 4 December 2019

Hearing books being read aloud, being shared and enjoyed – all brilliant to see & hear – and a great start to a Wednesday. Our paired readers are Nicole & Max on the reading throne and Ellis & Sonny on the beanbags 💜📚🎁.

End of Week One Paired Reading and Everyone Wants To Come Back 27 September 2019

Our paired readers have all completed week one and are enjoying new friendships and new books. Caitlin, Megan, Aidan, Leon, Aaron, Caileigh, Rhys and Nathan enjoyed their first session on Friday 27 September. All our S1s are keen to come back, which is great to hear. Well done S6s. Great start.

Paired Reading after a Busy Day is Perfect – 26 September 2019

Lovely, quiet, peaceful paired reading after a very busy day is perfect. Seeing and hearing our S6s and S1s reading together is utterly lovely.  

Paired Reading Begins – 23 September 2019

Whoo hoo…. paired reading began on Monday 23 September! What a great start to the programme. Our paired readers spent time chatting and choosing books before deciding where to read together. Jada & Archie, Caileigh & Alexander and Vivienne & Daniel got this session off to a flying start.

New S6 Paired Readers Meeting 10 September 2019

Meet the Paired Reading class of 2019-20! #teamEA Our S6 paired readers met on Tuesday 10 September to learn about the programme for this coming session, ask questions and hear when they will meet their new reading buddies. All beginning soon. They are going to be awesome! @TeamElginAcad

New S6 and New Paired Readers Recruited 31 May 2019

The morning of Friday 31 May was one well spent with our new S5s & S6s during their back to school inductions.  There was lots of wonderful enthusiasm for all things library, including our S6 paired reading programme. Bethany & Mia were first to sign up immediately after the assembly. Gary and Nathan and Poppy …

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Paired Reading Film S6 Induction 31 May 2019

So delighted with our new film of S6 paired readers. Ready for S6 induction on the 31 May. Huge thanks to Josh in S3 for producing this film.  

Last Week of Paired Reading 15 – 18 April 2019

The last week of paired reading was 15 – 18 April! Everyone is a bit sad about that, but there were still lots of smiles during reading sessions this week 💜📚 Jack, Jake & Alyssa have really enjoyed their sessions with reading buddies Sophie & Bethan. Our S6 pupils leave school on 23 April 😭 …

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Paired Reading TeamThank You Tea Party 26 March 2019

Interval on Tuesday 26 March was all about saying a huge thank you to our wonderful S6 paired readers. To say goodbye and to share opinions and thoughts on this session’s programme. They have been reading with our S1s & S2s since September. Encouraging, motivating, confidence building, creating fun & enjoying books.  The younger reading …

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S6 Paired Readers on Film 18-22 March 2019

Our S6s have only weeks left before they leave school, so the week beginning 18 March was the time to talk to them about their experiences of paired reading. And, film them giving their hints & recommendations for new S6 next session. All filmed by Josh Hanover in S3. Monday began with Gabe, Tarmo and …

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