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Back to Paired reading on Monday 29 October 2018

Back to paired reading on Monday 29 Oct, after the holidays and book talks during week one of the new term. Enjoying books together were Gabe & Viktoija and Tarmo & Sarah. Reading Buddies enjoying Reading Together == Happy Readers 📚

Paired Reading on a Rainy Day 18 September 2018

Q: What is the best antidote to a rainy, grey day? A: Paired reading on some beanbags, in a group! Bethan & the girls and Sophie & the boys all had a lovely reading session during themorning of Tuesday 18 September #engrossed#cosy#happyreaders

Paired Reading Gets off To a Flying Start September 2018

Paired Reading began on Monday 10 September, with Tarmo & Gabe in S6 meeting their reading buddies in S1 and choosing books, chatting and sharing stories. It was lovely to see them reading and enjoying books together #happyreaders 📚💜😀 New paired reading sessions have continued throughout this week and our programme this year really has got …

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Meet the Paired Reading Team 2018- 2019

Meet our S6 Paired Reading team 2018-19. We are all looking forward to it all beginning next week 📚  #reading #buddies #connections #safespace #teamEA👍

Leavers and Shortbread June 2018

A lovely week was rounded off on Friday 8 June, with a wee visit from Martin, one of our leavers and wonderful paired reader last session. He never missed his weekly sessions with his S1 buddy, but we will miss him. He brought shortbread mini Scottie dogs to have with a cup of tea.

Paired Reading and the New S6 Cohort June 2018

So many new S6s visited this week to ask about being paired readers. Fantastic enthusiasm….which meant….on Thursday 7 June, a presentation to all our S6 cohort. Really looking forward to working together building readers! The paired reading film for our new S6 cohort – all about last session’s S6’s experiences and which is full of …

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Thank You to The Paired Reading Team 2017 -2018

Paired Reading Team 2017 -2018 Thank you S6 Paired Readers – Thursday 19 April We held a party at lunchtime for our fantastic team of S6 paired readers. To say goodbye and to share opinions and thoughts on this session’s programme. The younger reading buddies will miss their S6 partners and we have all appreciated …

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NEW Paired Reading Film for NEW S6

Snapping the film crew during last week of term Our Top Tech Team has been busy filming our paired readers before the end of term. Lauren & Rory caught the paired readers on camera & filmed the interviews with S6 students Euan & Madiha, Daniella and Eilidh and Julia. The S6 students talked about their …

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Paired Reading in the February Sunshine

Paired Reading in the February Sunshine It was lovely to see our paired readers enjoying some book time together on the last Thursday in February. Sarah and Julia, Eilidh and Martin and Maria & Brodie were all enjoying their books and in the sunshine too. All happy readers.

Paired Readers Escape the December Cold

Paired Readers Escape the December Cold It might be blowing a blizzard outside, but the best place to be is, in the library, on a bean bag, with your favourite reading buddy, enjoying paired reading. Eilidh looks forward to her reading time, every week, with her S6 paired reader, Martin. Happy Readers!

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