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P7s Creativity- Lunchtime – Comic Con Day 20 June 2019

There was fabulous creativity from our visiting P7s on Thursday 20 June 🌟. They were invited to create comic strips or to design their own superheroes. All to be on display for their families during the Comic Con after school. The History of Latex Man! There is a story there. This was just one of …

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Bishopmill Has Talent – Winning Book to Poster Design – 19 June 2019

The judges cast their votes and we have a winner from each primary school in our transition book to film challenge. Well done all P7 pupils. The overall winner is from Bishopmill Primary 7. Huge congratulations to Odynn and enjoy your prize . Bishopmill Has Talent !

Lovely Letter 7 June 2019

Finally got round to reading the library mail this week and discovered this wee gem amongst it all. From Nathaniel in P7 at West End Primary School. Aw 😀. He did enjoy his visit. What a great end to the week.

Mrs Lee and the Art Department – Judges for the Primary Transition Challenge – 5 June 2019

Head Judge Mrs Lee, from the Art department, visited on Wednesday 5 June with the entries to our P7 Transition Challenge. A difficult task for Mrs Lee & fellow judges Miss Tullis, Mrs Standfast & Mrs Templeton, but we now have a winner from each school and an overall winner. Announced soon!

West End Primary 7 Visit 22 May 2019

There were wonderful book talks from West End Primary 7 pupils on Wednesday 22 May. Then, hearing about books to read over the summer. The best bit of the morning? Enjoying our books & exploring the library. Cherub Corner? West End Primary 7 visitors loved our collection of books by Robert Muchamore and all would …

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East End Primary School: Transition Fun Tuesday 21 May

We all had a huge amount of fun all morning of Tuesday 21 May. Lots of books were shared and enjoyed and there were great presentations by pupils.  The library transition challenge was accepted by them with relish! P7 pupil Soul loved talking about his basketball book and demonstrated a ‘fade away’ for us all …

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Seafield P7 Visit – 14 May 2019

What loveliness all morning 💜 on Tuesday 14 May, seeing our visitors from Seafield Primary School absorbed in books and enjoying their reading time. Kayleigh & Taylor are huge Manga fans & are excited about our Comic Con next month. This session was all about sharing poster designs and books to read over the summer …

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St Sylvester’s Primary 7 Visit – Transition Fun – 10 May

We welcomed P7 pupils from St Sylvester’s Primary School on 10 May, when they shared their fabulous posters of books made into films.  Pupils talked about their books and favourite characters too and there was time to explore the library and read books on the beanbags. Jack is a fan of graphic novels. The session …

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Primary 7 Classes Transition Visits – Bishopmill Primary School – 7 May 2019

We welcomed our next door neighbours – Bishopmill P7 – on Tuesday 7 May. Hannah designed a poster with the tagline: ‘Murder most unladylike’ to describe her favourite book by Robin Stevens. Kacey talked about her book House of Secrets by Chris Columbus. Her tagline: Homework can wait. It’s time to save the world, met …

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P7 Second Visit to Elgin Academy Library – throughout May 2019

We are looking forward to our P7 pupils visiting the Library during May and to meeting everyone again. This visit is all about a challenge! Pupils have been asked to design a poster for a favourite book, as if it had been made into a film and to talk about it for a couple of …

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