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P7 Visits – Bishopmill and West End Primary Schools – Monday 26 November 2018

Throughout November, we have welcomed P7 pupils from our primary schools to the library. Bishopmill, East End, Seafield, St Sylvester’s and West End schools have all visited recently. There has been lots of fun with poetry, as well as time for the pupils to explore the library and to enjoy the books and beanbags too. …

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Seafield Primary 7 Visit 20 November 2018

What a fabulous P7 visit from Seafield Primary and what huge enthusiasm on Tuesday 20 November! They tried no breathing, along with poet Michael Rosen in our poetry fun. Thankfully, not for long. Big smiles and enjoyment of our books & beanbags and they loved reading the I Am a Reader Rebel Recommendations from our …

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St Sylvester’s P7 Visit – Transition Fun -16 November 2018

What a brilliant time was had, by our visitors from St Sylvester’s Primary 7, on Friday 16 November. The P7s heard poems, wrote their own and watched Michael Rosen performing No Breathing in Class. They wanted more! So, we obliged and showed Chocolate Cake. They loved it. Then, browsing and the graphic novels were the …

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East End P7 Visit for Transition Fun 15 November 2018

What a brilliant time was had, by our sea of blue East Enders, on Thursday 15 November. The P7s loved the poems, the books, the bean bags and especially the reading throne. Yes, we can fit 3 on it at once.  A fun visit from East End Primary. Lots of transition fun.

Primary 7 Book to Film Poster Library Transition Challenge – Winners June 2018

It was a very difficult task, but our Art department judges have chosen the winners of our Book to Film Poster Challenge from our primary schools. The winners were based on their originality and differences from the original book covers, while showing an understanding of the story. The judges were impressed with the quality of …

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P7 Book to Film Poster Judging 14 June 2018

Judging the amazing designs from P7 pupils from our five primary schools is Not an easy task for Mrs Lee and colleagues in the Art department. News soon, of the winners in our book to film posters.Transition Fun!

Seafield Primary 7 Visit 6 June 2018

Everyone loves our Reading Throne. The P7 pupils from Seafield Primary School picked a good spot for some reading during their visit. “We need these books!” they said. We know how they feel. What a fabulous, fun transition session and the pupils have promised to keep on reading over the summer. All of which meant …

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West End Primary Visit – 23 May 2018

We were red all over during the West End P7 visit and the pupils enjoyed being read to! Wonderful book to film posters too. Fraser is writing his OWN book, called The Boy Who was Different & has promised to share it in August when he begins S1. Rosa enjoyed reading the posts on our #mentalhealthawareness …

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Bishopmill Primary 7 Visit Monday 21 May 2018

We welcomed our next door neighbours  – Bishopmill P7 – on Monday 21 May. Arran designed a film poster for Soldier Dog and cast actor Tom Hardy in his film. Wonder if author Sam Angus approves? What amazing work from Bishopmill P7 on their library challenge. Who’s reading over the summer? Everyone! Explorer by Katherine …

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East End in EA For a Visit – May 2018

East End Primary School: Transition Fun Wednesday 9 May There was a big welcome to P7 pupils from East End Primary and time for our book to film challenge; book recommendations for the summer and lots of transition fun 📚💜. The P7 girls loved our reading throne. Who doesn’t? And the boys, Jacob & Riley, …

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