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Speaker’s Corner with Natalie in S1 Thursday 31 January

What a fabulous Speaker’s Corner on 31 January from Natalie in S1, who has achieved so much in her kickboxing career, since beginning it all a year ago. Sparring, competitions, making friends, having fun and always trying her best. We all think Natalie is a true champion🏅 #teamEA

Foil, épée or sabre? Speaker’s Corner 29 November 2018

 En-garde, Pret, Allez … The French refined the sport of fencing. All enjoyed a fantastique talk from Mrs Stewart in Speaker’s Corner and the opportunity to try a foil & mask. Fencing makes you work every part of your body and your mind gets a workout too.

Speaker’s Corner – Miss Buchanan and brunost, badgers and a brilliant talk – 15 November 2018

Brunost, badgers and a brilliant talk in Speaker’s Corner on 15 November from Miss Buchanan in the Biology department. The audience was invited to try some of Norway’s beloved brunost & gave it 👍. Mr Smith from the maths department and senior students were especially appreciative of this traditional brown cheese. Miss Buchanan was inspirational …

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Star Surfer – Speaker’s Corner 8 November 2018

Passion, conviction, fun… and we could go on… What a fabulous Speaker’s Corner on 8 November with Dominic in S1. Surfing, SurfABLE and lessons learned. This was an educational, entertaining and memorable session.   We learned a lot about surfing today and about @friendlyaccess from Dominic. A boy with a big personality and what a …

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The Wrong Inch and How We Found The Right Way – Speaker’s Corner 20 September 2018

What was Speaker’s Corner about on Thursday 20 September? Lots came along at lunchtime to find out from Cameron & Rosie in S6. The Wrong Inch & How We Found The Right Way, was a hugely entertaining & educational presentation from Cameron & Rosie in Speaker’s Corner. An account of a Duke of Edinburgh expedition. …

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Shout It Out! Speaker’s Corner returned on Thursday 6 September 2018

Speaker’s Corner is back! The place to share your hobbies, passions, interests with others or to enjoy listening & ask questions. Every Thursday. Speaker’s Corner hit the ground running! What a great talk from Mrs Forster about her London Marathon on Thursday 6 September. From Christmas Day training, to running on the day in a …

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Shout It Out! Speaker’s Corner returns on Thursday 6 September 2018

Speaker’s Corner returns to the library every Thursday and will see us sharing our hobbies and passions with each other during lunchtimes. This is an exciting opportunity for all in school to share inspirations and interests. Questions from the audience will help to provide lively, diverse and fun sessions. This weekly event will provide a …

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A Brief History of Time Lords – Speakers’ Corner 20 April

A Brief History of Time Lords – Speakers’ Corner 20 April Mr Clark began A Brief History of Time Lords, in Speakers’ Corner on 20 April, with Terrance Dicks, whom fans have long affectionately called ‘Uncle Terrance’. He script edited the Patrick Troughton & Jon Pertwee eras of Doctor Who and wrote many Doctor Who episodes, …

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Speakers’ Corner – Doctor Who

Brief History of Time Lords April sees a whole new range of novelisations of Doctor Who television episodes in the style of the classic ‘Target’ book range. The five new releases include Rose; The Day of The Doctor and The Christmas Invasion and are the first books from the show’s post-2005 era. We have an …

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Ellie, “Living With Diabetes” – Speakers’ Corner

Speaker’s Corner: Ellie Paton and ‘Living with Diabetes’ Ellie educated & entertained us all in Speaker’s Corner on Friday 19 January. She told us what it’s like to live with Diabetes and especially going on holiday and setting off the alarms on airport security screening machines. Everyone really enjoyed this talk! Ellie👏.

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