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Speakers’ Corner – Doctor Who

Brief History of Time Lords April sees a whole new range of novelisations of Doctor Who television episodes in the style of the classic ‘Target’ book range. The five new releases include Rose; The Day of The Doctor and The Christmas Invasion and are the first books from the show’s post-2005 era. We have an …

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Ellie, “Living With Diabetes” – Speakers’ Corner

Speaker’s Corner: Ellie Paton and ‘Living with Diabetes’ Ellie educated & entertained us all in Speaker’s Corner on Friday 19 January. She told us what it’s like to live with Diabetes and especially going on holiday and setting off the alarms on airport security screening machines. Everyone really enjoyed this talk! Ellie👏.

Speakers’ Corner – Finn Russell

Speaker’s Corner: Finn Russell and ‘My Love of Cooking’ Speaker’s Corner on Friday 24 November was full of good things, thanks to Finn in S1. He shared his love of cooking & told us his favourite thing to make is a bean burger & simplest thing is …toast! He’s a big fan of the TV …

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Mrs Stewart’s Fencing Talk

Mrs Stewart: The Sport of Fencing More The foil, the épée & the sabre were all part of a fascinating Speaker’s Corner with Mrs Stewart from the Modern Languages department on 10 November. We learned that fencing was one of the first sports to be played in the Olympics. Thee audience got to try Mrs …

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Speakers’ Corner – Cheer leading by Rachel Morgen

Rachel Morgan S1: Cheerleading Three cheers for Rachel in Speaker’s Corner on Friday 3 November. Everyone enjoyed her talk on cheerleading and there were lots of questions👏.

Ally Fun Drama – Speakers’ Corner Sep. 2017

Ally was a star in Speaker’s Corner. She told us how fun drama is. And, never stand with your back to the audience. The session ended with a singsong

Speaker’s Corner – Jennifer and her passion for figure skating

Full house for our first Speakers’ Corner of the session. A sparkling talk from Jennifer! All about her passion for figure skating.

Speakers’ Corner – 12/05/2017

Alex and Jennifer shared their experiences and fun times at their fantastic scouting weekend on the island of Arran recently.

Speakers’ Corner – 21st of April

Warhammer 40K Lewis and Jamie 21 April 2017 Warhammer 40K was what it was all about in Speaker’s Corner on the first Friday of the new term.. Well done Lewis and Jamie, you were a great team.

Speakers’ Corner – 24/03/2017

Speaker’s Corner 23 March 2017  Kacper Goralczyk: US Presidents All enjoyed a very entertaining Speaker’s Corner, courtesy of Kacper. Lots of information about US Presidents. Kacper asked for volunteers to be presidents and seek votes from the audience. Jamie was a very convincing George Washington.

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