Class 2.1 Empathy Postcards Tuesday 12 June

S2 English pupils worked in the library on Tuesday 12 June and our plan is … to send postcards to other S2 pupils in Moray schools.


We had a good discussion with class 2.1 about empathy, watched a film trailer and then pupils began their postcards. We shall be sending these to S2 pupils in the other Moray schools. Though, oc course, all are keen to display them here first!  There is a lovely reading recommendation postcard from Kyle, ready to send to S2 pupils at Forres Academy. Elise loves her book and wants to share with pupils at Elgin High School.  Mia & Evie enjoyed writing their postcards and there were lotsof reading recommendations, to share in school and with other schools, from Mr Clark’s 2.1 class. Everyone enjoyed being in the library today and making lots of connections.