EAVision Contest for European Week of Languages & European Day of Languages 26 September 2018

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to our 5th annual EAVision Contest for European Week of Languages and what an event it was!

Head Judge Mrs Hendry was ready and so was our musician Mrs Ross. The audience and our team of judges were all so excited!

Matthew Hamilton was up first, singing in German, followed by Sammy Duff, also singing in German. Then Lucy Lloyd sang in Italian. Ally Deas was the final performer, with – for the first time at EA – a song in British Sign Language.

While the judges were deliberating, there was an extraordinary performance from the EA Staff Band. They had us all singing and swinging to Chanson d’Amour and the berets were especially appreciated 🇫🇷👨‍🎤👩‍🎤👍

Hollie and Jessica, our S6 comperes, were fantastique! They introduced the acts in French and translated the judges’ comments too. The audience loved it all! Our best EAVision yet with the Modern Languages department for European Day of Languages.

Drum roll….. What had the judges decided? Mrs Hendry told us that the winner of EAVision for European Day of Languages was Lucy Lloyd in S4

Mrs Hendry spoke in German. Her fellow judges were Mr Tsotsi – German – Mrs Walker & Mr Hume – Spanish – and Mr Davidson – Scottish!

Douze points! and huge thanks to our performers, judges, comperes and the appreciative audience in our 5th #EAVision Song Contest for European Day of Languages

The Best Yet!

Great team work and collaboration with our EA Modern Languages department. Looking forward to 2019!