Empathy Day 12 June 2018

Happy Empathy Day 📚💜 Books are the BEST way to help us understand others.

There was fun – and difficulties, as there are so many – choosing book recommendations for Empathy Day.  When we find out how the world looks to other people. In fact, every day is empathy day in a library!

Our new S6 study students were looking forward to Empathy Day and to sharing their favourite books.  See what Alisha, Jessica & Emily have recommended in our display. All books with strong messages. S6 student, Jessica, recommends The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood as a brilliant read and says it is an intense novel.

We asked staff across school, including those on exchange visit in Landshut with the Modern Studies department:

 Which book made a difference to you?

Mrs Hendry said: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. “The story of injustice of life for many in the Deep South, the innocence and bravery of Scout and courage of Atticus was so compelling when I first read it. It still is.” We have our battered and well-read copy available to borrow.

Mr Terron in our English department recommended I Am Malala, whilst Mrs Forster in the English department recommends the wonderful novel Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth. There are several copies available, so pop in and borrow one. Our Art department staff had great book recommendations too. We all love Eleanor Oliphant, don’t we? See the world through someone else’s eyes. Thank you Mrs Lee, Mrs Templeton,  Miss Tullis & Mrs Young.

Ending Empathy Day with a book that is elegant, gorgeous & daring and which is recommended by Mr Clark in our English department: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon.

Perfect choices for Empathy Day and any day!