European Week of Languages 25 – 28 September 2018

The library is looking even sunnier, brighter and more colourful this week. All for European Week of Languages 24 ā€“ 28 September.

Monday was the Staff Bake Around the World Challenge.

All week is S2 Books Around the World Challenge.

Thursday is The Big Fat language Quiz.

And, Wednesday is the BIG event: EAVision 🎶🎵🎉 Contest!

Tuesday is the lunchtime rehearsal and turning the library into a performance space for this BIG European Week of Languages event.

This year we have 4 singers, 3 languages: German, Italian & BSL, 4 judges and 1 stupendous staff act. Oh, and…MORE Glam and Glits than ever before. All in partnership with our Modern Languages department.