Filming Book Trailers Begins for Scottish Teenage Book Prize pupils 23 January 2020

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize pupils began filming their book trailers on Thursday 23 January. These will be shown  during an S3 assembly and also in the March S1 book talks.

The focus is on a sad scene in One Shot by Tanya Landman.

 Kourtney read the words. The music is Bella’s Lullaby piano from Twilight film and next, is action shots in the woods 🎬.

Great staff-pupils relations seen in action as our pupils used the car of Mrs Stewart in the Modern Languages department for book trailer filming of Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman.

The party scene in which Kiko stay sin the car was replicated by Ally, who remained at the  wheel and stayed put in the car. A bit like Kiko.