Inter-House Book Quiz 2017 – BWS

The Battle of the Books Inter-House Quiz Friday 1 December for Book Week Scotland

Joe in S2 declared our final event of Book Week Scotland open. Very rousing it was too, on his perfect pipes!

Mr McWhirter and our team of scorers were ready for the fun to begin in our Inter-House Quick-Fire Quiz. Six rounds and a lot of fun.

There was lots of discussion, chat, teacakes, shortbread and concentration at the team tables during our Inter-House Book Quiz. The Staff Team of Fiction Addiction took an early lead in the Book Quiz, but…..the Quiz Master deducted points! Too slow handing in their answers. What a brilliant performance from Captain Mrs Forster & her team of Miss Bird, Mr Clark and Mrs Stewart.

In the end….

Extra points, deducted points & two tie-breakers! before Seafield team was declared winners. Well done House Leader Maria and her team of Jolie, Ethan, Jennifer, James & Katie. Top Team lead by senior student Katie!