International Week 2017 – The Day

Willkomen bienvenue welcome to EAVision Contest.

Hosted by our S6 multi-lingual students Madiha Hassan and Maria Waszyrowska, this was yet another glittering EAVision Song Contest. Contestants Claudia Bach, Jennifer Pettinger, Alex Sayle and Eve Webster were nervous, excited and bedecked in a variety of colourful flags and costumes. Our judges, Mr Davidson, Mr Hume, Mrs Robertson, Mr Tsotsi and Mrs Walker, were ready for action.

The event was hugely supported by pupils and staff, as ever and all enjoyed the performances hugely and showed their appreciation with lots of applause for everyone.. Our judges gave their comments in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Madiha & Maria translated for the audience and also announced the winner:

Winner: Eve Webster in S2, who sang in Japanese.


All four contestants were Amazing: Claudia, who sang in Polish, Jennifer, who sang in Mandarin, Alex, who sang in French and Eve our winner, who sang in Japanese.

Our final, fabulous event was the culmination of a fantastique European Week of languages with Elgin Academy Modern Languages department.