June Book of the Month: Akissi Cat Invasion 3 June 2019

Mischief, adventure and trouble!

Jump into the laugh-out-loud mis-adventures of Akissi in this wonderful comic book, based on author Margeurite Abouet’s childhood on the Ivory Coast.

Akissi is a little girl who gets up to nuisance, and this delightful collection of illustrations is about her rascal ways, and with her monkey Boubou, there’s no telling what they may do next.

It also includes a recipe for coconut goat’s droppings – just your standard snack!

Trouble with a capital T. Think of Dennis the Menace and you get an idea of Akissi. Gotta read this!

Don’t forget our Comic Con on 20 June, in the library, 4.30- 6.30pm.