Lee Miller and Higher English class 13 September 2019

It was lovely to be invited to speak to an English class about Lee Miller.

She was the only female combat photographer in Europe during WW2.

She documented the liberation of Dachau & Buchenwald camps.

She was as extraordinary as her photos.

Pupils are studying the poem War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy.

S1 Reading Diaries introduced on 13 September 2019

 S1 reading diaries were introduced to class 1.2 on Friday 13 September and pupils are good to go!

After in-service days on 16 and 17 September, S1 pupils will have their first library book talk, begin paired reading AND their diaries. No wonder they look happy🙋‍♀️😀🙋‍♂️

Royal Society Young Scinetist Book Prize – illustrations, filming and finalising plans – 12 September 2019

Our Royal Society Young Scientist Book Prize judging panel had a great time sharing the shortlisted books at their meeting on Thursday 12 September.

They shared lots of opinions about illustrations and how the books appeal to young people and were filmed too!

Plans are confirmed for the visit to Seafield Primary on 24 and 25 September, when they will be sharing an experiment and the books with the primary pupils. 👩‍🔬📚👨‍🔬😆

Meetign with New S6 Auschwitz Ambassadors 12 September 2019

Thursday 12 September and an excellent meeting  with our newly appointed Auschwitz Ambassadors Molly and Natasha.


They will be contributing to projects soon. #collaborating #sharing #learning #library

@AuschwitzMuseum @HMD_UK

Last Malorie Blackman book talk of the month 12 September 2019

Our S2 book talks for September came to an end on 12 September, with class 2.3.  The focus on

Malorie Blackman has been very popular with pupils. Lots of books have been borrowed and all the Noughts & Crosses copies are being read & have been requested.

Summer  in class 2.3 is full of smiles. She has her copy of the book she wanted #BoysDontCry.

Novelties Book Club – new poster, new ideas and new plans – 11 September 2019

Novelties Book Club pupils were bursting with ideas & activities during their meeting on 11 September!

Some of the group have now contacted two members of staff to get the ball rolling with Star Reader of the Month. The first interview is on Thursday 12 September with Mr MacLean in the History department.

There was also brainstorming on a new BIG banner for the corridor and  current reads were shared.

Pupils have designed a new poster for their book club✍️✏️. Check out the new logo too, created by Isobella in S5.

#guaranteedgoodtimes Novelties Book Club runs every Wednesday. For all pupils.

Fun was had .

S2 Book Talks on Malorie Blackman 10 September 2019

Our S2 book talks on @malorieblackman  are a hit! We never doubted that her books wouldn’t be snapped up. The reservation list is big already!

Classes 2.2 and 2.7 enjoyed the book talk on 10 September  and Alisa, Maeci and Dearbhla are delighted with their Noughts and Crosses copies.

Hayley Lockerbie, Librarian Aboyne Academy – Visits and Joins in – 10 September 2019

It was lovely to welcome Hayley Lockerbie, Librarian at Aboyne Academy in Aberdeenshire, to school on Tuesday 10 September.

Hayley observed classes and enjoyed talking to pupils about their experiences of the library book talk programme. They enjoyed chatting to her and hearing about her top reads.


Hayley joined in with Comic Characters Club too.

New S6 Paired Readers Meeting 10 September 2019

Meet the Paired Reading class of 2019-20! #teamEA

Our S6 paired readers met on Tuesday 10 September to learn about the programme for this coming session, ask questions and hear when they will meet their new reading buddies.

All beginning soon. They are going to be awesome!


S1 Curriculum Fair 9 September 2019

It was great to chat to so many parents and carers at the library tables during the school S1 Curriculum Fare on Monday 9 September.

#booklists #displays #information #chat #challenges #Library

There was a table full of books, a power point of photos and displays filled with information about how the library supports learners, as well as our events, activities and clubs.. The must-have was our ‘Great Reads for S1’ leaflet, which was appreciated by all we chatted with during the evening.

S1 pupils shared great books with their parents and told them about the library. And… there was an opportunity to enjoy being a Cyborg and hear all about our Doctor Who literacy event.

New S1 parents were keen to hear about our Edinburgh Book Festival trip, so it was over to Isla in S3, who is now the veteran of two trips. She shared the activities, the events & the fun. The trip opens next May and S1 pupils can sign up for the trip then.

It was lovely to chat with parents tonight at the S1 Curriculum Fair and Mrs Moxham was one of our new S1 parents and enjoyed meeting everyone.

All of our S1 Great Reads leaflets were taken! Our Great Reads for S1s leaflet is available for all in the school community. Please contact us for a copy.

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