Excelsior Award Party

Comic Characters Club on Tuesday 27 June was party time for the Excelsio rAward Announcement of the winner 🍰🎶🎉🎈 📖💜.

Drum roll……….. and the winner was revealed: Lois and Clark. Maybe not our first choice but all were happy.

Lewis had really enjoyed reading the runner-up in the Excelsior Award & shared it with everyone at our party. Captain America: White. Yaay.


Carrie got a bit carried away with excitement!

Our final meeting of this session ended with lots of plans for the new session made. It all starts again in September. See you then!


That time our EA Bookathon made it to the newspaper!

Novelties Book Club – 21 June 2017

Novelties Book Club and The New Books

Lunchtime on 21 June was all about previewing the new books pile, summer reading recommendations & a wee birthday bash on Monday #HarryPotter20.

There was great excitement as the new pile of books was revealed and everyone was desperately keen to see them.

Chloe chose her TBR pile , Isobella made notes of books she plans to read and  Charlotte knows which three to read first. We love new books!

Happy readers J.

Staff Book Group – Adieu, adieu, adieu

Last Staff Book Group and Fond Farewells

The Staff Book Group’s last meeting of term was on Tuesday 20 June and all sorts of nonsense & japery were planned for departing teachers Ms Tiddy & Mrs Havinden 📚😊

There were quizzes, a sonnet, lots of food and fun and a little discussion of our book Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. This meeting was all about saying goodbye to Ms Tiddy and Mrs Havinden in a memorable way. It  was full of History for Ms Tiddy & full of Shakespeare for Mrs Havinden

Fond farewells in style to our departing members of staff.

Harry Potter turns 20!

Harry Potter 20

Monday 26 June 2017 was the 20th anniversary of the magic beginning. Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was published on that date in 1996!

Postcards to share magical memories of first reading Harry Potter, a display and lots of wizarding worksheets, we really were the place to be to celebrate the date.

Staff and pupils were invited to pick up a postcard from the library desk today and we now have a very colourful string of postcards on display in the library.


 Bloomsbury Kids UK‏ said:

You voted in your thousands and we’re pleased to say that your favourite Harry Potter character is … HERMIONE GRANGER! ️️💛#HarryPotter20

Great fun was to be had during lunchtime for our wee ‘spell’ of HarryPotter20 magic and Mrs Stewart joined in too. Her favourite magical memory: reading Harry in Spanish!

Our great time with HarryPotter20 ended with a request for a Harry Potter book club. Mrs Toonen donned her Invisibilty Cloak fast!

Into Film Scotland Workshop – June 2017

Lights, Camera, Action

Our S3, now S4, Scottish Teenage Book Prize pupils received one of their prizes from Scottish Book Trust this month, with Mrs Havinden and Mrs Toonen. The pupils’ film trailers were highly commended by Scottish Book Trust in its recent film trailer competition and the pupils were given the opportunity to develop their skills during a film workshop in the library. This was delivered by Tim Flood from Into Film Scotland, a company which specialises in raising literacy attainment through film-making and animation. The pupils had previously planned and created storyboards based on poems and used theiir ideas to create short film trailers.

Summer Reading Recommendations

Summer Reading Recommendations

Our Summer Reading Recommendations are coming in buckets! Literally. Dive into our display, in time for the holidays 🕶️🌞📚

Empathy Day

We enjoyed Empathy Day on Tuesday 13 June and, as always, we celebrated the power of stories. The staff shared their Read for Empathy book recommendations

The lunchtime choice was Smart by Kim Slater. Kieran is amazing & wait until you read about his determination to uncover the truth.

At lunchtime, the Comic Characters Club chatted about a Manga book which they recommended for Empathy Day. The character searches for recognition and the girls said this is a great read.

Carrie in Comic Characters Club drew Marceline: fun-loving, floating, undead vampire, who is reliable, happy & wants fun & friend and a great choice for Empathy Day.

This was our favourite picture of the day: enjoying quiet reading time. Pic of Liam

A Bear Called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington

The film Paddington was shown in the library after school and as part of our Big Summer Reading Event, the Bookathon, on Wednesday 7 June.  Adapted from Michael Bond’s books, Paddington follows the comic misadventures of a polite young Peruvian bear with a passion for all things British, who travels to London in search of a home. Lots of Paddington fans turned up, ready to enjoy the comic mayhem. They sat in the fort, around the fort and in front of the fort. The icing on the cake came from Isobella. She made some fantastic cakes for all to enjoy.

Bookathon – The Day!

Were we ready for our Big Summer Reading Event? The Bookathon began after Registration and went  on all day 📖😂🎈🎉. We thought this quote was very apt on the day of our Bookathon : “I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.”  ― Orhan Pamuk, The New Life.

Book Fort and Missing Friends

The major attraction in the library was undoubtedly the Book Fort!  Designed and created by our amazing library assistants and Book Fort builders. We are so proud of Alex, Joshua and Jennifer and Morgan too, our newest library assistant. The best crew. But, we really missed Charlotte, one of our Novelties Book Club girls & major planner, who was not able to be in school or be part of the Bookathon. We all sent her lots of best wishes and to get better soon. Her mum replied: “Thank you so much, you’ve made her day while stuck in hospital! She’s so disappointed as been looking forward to this for months! Charlotte herself got in touch from hospital: “Sorry to have missed it but I’m reading along here ❤️ thanks this put a smile on my face.”

Our message of the day was: Reading is FUN-DAMENTAL.

Our #Bookathon got off to a flying start and all agreed it was the best place to be on what was a wet, wild and windy day. There was lots of reading on beanbags and in our fort too.  Mrs Forster enjoyed her book The Smell of Other People’s Houses by by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock (some Haribos too) and a little time out for some quiet reading.  Mrs Havinden battled the floods to make it to school & enjoyed reading Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood. The window was for the boys’ bean bags and books. Urquhart, Jamie, Ellis and Jonathan were immersed in their reading.  Chloe stretched out and made herself at home in our Book Fort. It was great to see our staff supporting the Bookathon. Ms Tiddy read Three Men in a Boat whilst Mrs Stewart had a copy of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.

We did a quick survey as we headed towards lunchtime: Isobellla is a huge Cassandra Clare fan, Jennifer loves Vampire Diaries & Morgan is a fan of Percy Jackson.

During period 4, before lunchtime, we welcomed a National 5 History class and teacher Mrs Strachan to the Bookathon. They chose a book from a big selection all about World War One and settled back for some quiet reading time.  Daniel was engrossed in The Last Soldier by Keith Gray.

Lunchtime Challenges

Lunchtime challenges were a huge hit & chaos reigned! Novelties Book Club led sessions: short stories, book descriptions & a wordball fight. Patrick won the book description & Urquhart & Jonathan won the short story competition. Thanks to Browns Books For Students for the fabulous prizes.

Afternoon Reading

The afternoon saw a bunch of new readers. Some serious stuff they are reading too! Well done Jolie, Rhys & Moray..


On June7 1967: Fifty years ago, American writer and wit Dorothy Parker died at the age of 73. Mrs Toonen is a big fan of Dorothy Parker and one of Dorothy’s books would make ideal Bookathon reading: “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity”.

Nathan joined the Bookathon during the last period of the day and enjoyed reading a biography of Jamie Vardy. Smiles because Mrs Toonen asked: “Who?” The answer: Leicester City footballer. We are always learning something new!

As the Bookathon ended, all were very enthusiastic about our Big Summer Reading event: “It was a fantastic day & fun & a good way to have even more reading time & can we do it again?” Jennifer & Morgan.


The Icing on the Cake of a Day

The Bookathon ended, but the fun didn’t. Many stayed on and others joined them for the Film Club and Paddington. The icing on the cake of a day came from Isobella and her fantastic cakes. Made for all to share. Thank you Isobella and what a fantastic fun-damental day we all enjoyed.

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