Staff Poets: Mrs Stewart September 2018

Paired Reading on a Rainy Day 18 September 2018

A: Paired reading on some beanbags, in a group!

Bethan & the girls and Sophie & the boys all had a lovely reading session during themorning of Tuesday 18 September 

S1 Curriculum Fair 17 September 2018

It was great to chat to so many parents and carers at the library tables during the school S1 Curriculum Fare on Monday 17 September.

There was a table full of books, a power point of photos and a display filled with information about how the library supports learners. The must-have was our ‘Great Reads for S1’ leaflet, which was appreciated by all we chatted with during the evening.

Our recommended reads for S1s leaflet is available for all in the school community.

A big thanks to our library assistants Carrie, Joshua and Kelly for all their help at the library tables during the S1 Curriculum Fare this evening. They are a Top Crew!

Doctor Who Day: 13th on the 13th

What great fun in the library at lunchtime –on Thursday 13 September – Doctor Who Day.

This event was part of a Library and English department created Sci-Fi STEM Literacy project, inspired by the regeneration of Doctor Who into a strong female character. Our S1 pupils have been writing, creating and illustrating and have been making connections in a cross-curricular project.

Our event: 13th on the 13th Doctor Who Day was a celebration of pupils’ creativity, the return of Doctor Who and the arrival of the first female Doctor Who.

Novelties Book Club pupils shared some of our Doctor Who books with everyone in scenes they had from five different Doctor Who books. There were brilliant costumes and characters from Elizabethan England, a Christmas invasion, the Antarctic and Rose too, of course. There was lots of interest from pupils and staff in the books and the Novelties Book Club pupils both entertained and educated with their stories.

Pupils and staff were invited to participate in the Fish fingers & custard challenge, a variety of puzzles and games . There was a superb Space and Time and Travel presentation from Mrs McLuckie & Mr Reid in our Physics department and a variety of activities for pupils to try. Dalek cakes were needed afterwards!

We think our PE department are the top team! Mr Davidson collected a posse for the Weeping Angels game in the hall & the PE staff got stuck into the Doctor Who puzzles. Competitive? Them? What gives you that idea? 😊 All good fun in our lunchtime event.

Selfies in the TARDIS really were special and lots of photos were taken.

Oh no! our head teacher, Mr Barnett, was surrounded by pesky Cybermen at lunchtime. What a job to get them transformed back to our lovely library assistants.

What an extraordinary Doctor Who Day we enjoyed! It ended with Mr Barnett announcing that the favourite monsters voted for by S1 were the Slitheen. The Weeping Angels were second& the Daleks were third.

Huge thanks to staff & pupils who created our event – Mr Clark English department, Miss Ainslie from the Home Economics department, Mrs Lythgoe from the Maths department,  Mrs McLuckie in the Physics department & Mr Davidson in the PE department and to all our library assistants – and all who supported, participated in & enjoyed our fab Doctor Who Day #teamEA.


Ready for the Day – Doctor Who Day 13 September 2018

Look out for the information on scientists. Our S1 research project with the English department is worth a look and is on display for Doctor Who Day

The girls are interested in the competition entries to the S1 writing and design Doctor Who competition and these are fantastic!

Think We Are Ready for the Big Day? Doctor Who Day September 2019

It is always lovely to have visitors and look who popped out of our TARDIS on Wednesday 12 September: Mr McQuaker from West End Primary School. To chat about transition reading and, of course, our Doctor Who Day on 13 Septemeber. He is a big fan of Doctor Who.

We have received fantastic entries into the S1 writing and design competition for Doctor Who Day: Life in a Hundred Years. What creativity, sharing, reading, writing, imagination and drawing 💫💫💫💫

Novelties Book Club is raring to go with its contribution to Doctor Who Day, with Five books, five stories and five scenes from our pupils. Everyone will find out all about them on the 13th on the 13th.

Think we are getting ready for the big day?

Paired Reading Gets off To a Flying Start September 2018

Paired Reading began on Monday 10 September, with Tarmo & Gabe in S6 meeting their reading buddies in S1 and choosing books, chatting and sharing stories.

It was lovely to see them reading and enjoying books together #happyreaders 📚💜😀 New paired reading sessions have continued throughout this week and our programme this year really has got off to a flying start. S1 pupils enjoyed meeting their S6 reading buddies.

Brandon, Harley, Alexander, Riley, George and Lewis all chose books with their S6 students Marina, Ellen and Rana.

All are looking forward to good times ahead with their reading buddies.

Authors4Oceans Competition September 2018

At their meeting on 10 September, the beak was made for the plastic osprey, but our Eco-Warriors have lots of thinking to do about how to make its legs. And, how will it stand up?

Great collaboration, sharing & fun in the session with the group and with our Biology department staff for the Authors4Oceans competition

Doctor Who Day: 13th on the 13th New Displays September 2018

The library assistants have been busy getting ready for Thursday’s Doctor Who Day: 13th on the 13th and, there has been lots of interest from everyone, in our displays.

Don’t miss our out-of-this-world Doctor Who Day on Thursday: 13th on the 13th 🎉🎉 #reading #learning #connecting

The TARDIS has arrived and it is bigger on the inside & able to transport you through time & space. Oh! Wait! 💡Just like a book!

National Poetry Day Staff Competition is Back! and submissions should be in by Thursday 28 September 2018

National Poetry Day 2018 will take place on Thursday 4 October and the theme is Change.

We are joining in with celebrations on the day and…. our annual and popular staff poetry competition returns!

All staff are invited to write a poem and to enjoy, discover, share a poem with all in school.

Last year’s winner was Mr McWhirter in our Geography department, who beat off very stiff competition. Who will it be this year?

If you could turn back time….

We are looking forward to sharing lots of poems on National Poetry Day – Thursday 4 October 2018.

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