Festive Itsy Bitsy Bitsy Book Bits is Coming! December 2018

Plans for some Festive Fun have been made and The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig is at the middle of them!

Clear the decks at lunchtimes for #Christmascapers #seasonalfun 📚🌲📚💜

All in school are invited to the library on Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th December, at lunchtimes for Festive Itsy Bitsy Book Bits, when two of our teachers will share warmth and wonder in this seasonal book caper.

Find out all about The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig.

Mr Smith in the Maths department and Mr Wormald in the P.E.  department will read from and discuss, in their own festive styles, this hilarious and heart-warming tale of how one special pixie learned to love herself.

Not to be missed.

Reading Lights Up The Mind December 2018

Our big display board with an all year round message. Not just for .

Another new display in our

Graphic Work and Christmas Tunes for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize Group – 5 & 6 December 2018

The session on Wednesday 5 December with the Scottish Teenage Book Prize group was all about planning their scenes from the shortlisted books for Scottish Book Trust’s graphic novel competition #sharing #reading #collaborating with our English department.

Festive fun too, for the group whilst working on their scenes from the shortlisted books.

There were great ideas from Sophie and Ellis in the session on Thursday 6 December. Rancid breath on the neck, getting stuck in the door of the cave and being chased by a T-Rex. All going into their graphic scene from The Extinction Trials by SM Wilson. ✍️

Book Blackboard and Christmas Recommendations December 2018

Our Book Blackboard is ready for Christmas holiday recommendations. Cameron in S6 wasn’t sure if his book is a typical holiday read, but he’s enjoying it & thinks it is a great read. He posted it on the board: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

Our Book Blackboard is looking good and there is something for everyone. Grab the chalk and post yours!

Share #Christmasbooks

Poetree fun with class 1.5 on Wednesday 5 December 2018

 All in the class enjoyed chatting about poems, then writing and decorating the library Christmas tree with their festive poems. Mr Barnett, our head teacher, popped in and noted what a hive of activity it was. Our busy bees have ensured the tree is one to enjoy AND read #Festivefun.


Fabulous poems on our Christmas poetree. All created by class 1.5 and they had a great time decorating the tree. S6 study pupils took a break from prelim revision and enjoyed reading them too #fabfestivetree #poems 🎄🎄

BOOK of the MONTH – Out of The Blue by Sophie Cameron – December 2018

Our December Book of the Month is this debut novel from Sophie Cameron and is a wonderful, magical tale set against the backdrop of the bustling throng that is the Edinburgh Festival.

When angels start falling from the sky, it seems like the end of days are near – but for one girl, it’s just the beginning of an adventure that will change her life. Jaya’s life has completely fallen apart. Her mother is dead, her dad is on an obsessive wild goose chase, and mysterious winged beings are falling from the sky. For the past nine months, none of the them have survived the plummet to Earth, but when a female being lands near Jaya – and is still alive – she doesn’t call the authorities. She hides the being and tries to nurse her back to health.

This is a story of love and acceptance and finding your place in this world. And of how one unexpected turn of events can put you on a path toward healing. Modern day Scotland with a magical twist.

Some of the Novelties Book Club, at lunchtime on Wednesday 5 December, announced the December Book of the Month and it really is a wee cracker. A holiday must-read 🎁.

On the library desk now!

Welcome To Our Festive Library 3 December 2018

Josh & Carrie, two of our library assistants, have been busy creating a book themed wonderland. Check it all out from today.

Reading does indeed light up the mind. One of our new displays for #Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

Thanks to our creative crew of library assistants at lunchtime on Monday 3 December

Novelties Books of Christmas Advent Calendar

First day of Novelties (Book Club) Books of Christmas & their hanging advent calendar. Opened by Charlton, Luca, Finlay & Finlay (yes, two Finlays) and it is…. Sheepdog in the Snow by Lucy Daniels. Charlton shared a little of the b

ook & all agreed this sounds a cracker #sharing.

It was lovely to see our paired readers enjoying their book beside our book tree. Gabe and Fraser looked very happy readers.

Now the library has been decorated and filled with a Christmas book wonderland and there are lots of new books to choose for holiday reading.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… 🎄 30 November 2018

Lovely Mr Binks 🎅 from the FES Group in school and wonderful local independent super-store Decora 🎁 have given us this gorgeous, green and very beautiful real #ChristmasTree . Thank you 🙏😀

So excited 🎄about decorating it.


The Novelties Book Club Advent Calendar is going to be a cracker. Nicole in S2 was happy to help wrap the books and did a great job. Senior study students want to know if they can have a book please. Hmmm…. who will get Lucky 13? #ChristmasIsComing 🎄📚🎁🎅📚

Foil, épée or sabre? Speaker’s Corner 29 November 2018

 En-garde, Pret, Allez

… The French refined the sport of fencing.

All enjoyed a fantastique talk from Mrs Stewart in Speaker’s Corner and the opportunity to try a foil & mask. Fencing makes you work every part of your body and your mind gets a workout too.

Spooky Story Session and Some Magic Too! on 31 October 2018

On Wednesday next week, at lunchtime, ON HALLOWEEN, there will be a Spooky Story Party in the library, full of scary stories, tales of terror, one or two apples and pumpkins too. Pupils are invited to share their own stories and to take part in the fun. If they dare!

We will also have some magic tricks, from Novelties Book Club.

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