National Poetry Day – Poetry Picnic – 4 October 2018

Did we enjoy National Poetry Day celebrations on Thursday 4 October? Yes, we did!

The day was all about sharing lots of poems, both during our Poetry Picnic and throughout the day.

The hot chocolate was on the table, the tongue twisters were ready, lots of poems were on display and we were ready for our first Poetry Picnic. It was exciting to share poems and Mrs Toonen read a powerful poem from Overheard in a Tower Block by Joseph Coelho : Books Have Helped Me and also read wonderful poems from a variety of collections, including Steven Camden and Matt Goodfellow.

There was so much hilarity during our Poetry Picnic! Our S6 girls Cara & Rana enjoyed the tongue twisters and so did Miss Bird and Mrs Stewart. Everyone had a brilliant time celebrating poetry and this is definitely an event to be repeated! We aimed to bring everyone together to celebrate poetry today and our Poetry Picnic did just that! Sharing poems over hot chocolate made for a memorable National Poetry Day.