NE Scotland School Librarians’ Networking Event

School Librarian Networking Event 18 May 2017

The Moray Schools’ Librarians welcomed colleagues from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire Shire, and Orkney for a morning of networking, sharing good practice and an update from both SLG Scotland and the SLA North branch.

We also welcomed Jackie Sangster from SCRAN and spent part of the morning hearing about digital resources and time too, for some independent searching. It was lovely, too, to welcome and meet Claire from Browns Books for Students and we were all hugely appreciative of her two £50 book tokens, which were raffled and won by two very happy librarians. Another book token was receive from Blackwells and also raffled and won, so thanks to both Browns for Students and Blackwells for those. Evaluation was the topic for this year’s workshops and being librarians, we added a little literary touch to the naming of these J.

This is the second networking event organised by the  Moray School Librarians and the catering was hugely appreciated and all participants enjoyed amazing goodies to eat and drink.

Lunchtime was an informal social event to hear more about the School Library Association in the north of Scotland and to further network and share experiences.

The afternoon was meeting between the Moray School Librarians and the staff from Moray Public Library and plans were made for future collaboration and liaison.

A hugely successful in-service training day for all!