Nibbles & Bytes is back bigger than ever #DigiLearningWeek

National Digital Learning Week 2017

Photsostories, Vlogging, Tweeting AND the Return of Nibbles and Bytes Café! We plan to make a #DigitalDifference




During National Digital Learning Week, beginning on 15 May, we shall be sharing and celebrating some digital approaches which make a positive impact on our learners, with lots of activities and events planned for everyone. At lunchtimes, our Library Nibbles and Bytes Cafe returns for three days, Monday to Wednesday .  All pupils are invited to visit the café and learn how to make cool games, animations and join in with the magnificent Minecraft Workshop.  It is time, again, to drop in and log in at Nibbles and Bytes.  One S2 English class will designing, planning and sharing their photo stories in the library. Mrs Havinden and Mrs Toonen, with the help of Mr Barnett, created one earlier and this photo story will be shown to the pupils. The story includes stolen books, a robber, a superhero and a swag bag! Another S2 class will be recording vlogs, all about their favourite books and will also take over the library twitter account during the week. We have lots to look forward to during our Digital Learning Week and plan to make a Digital Difference!