Novelties Book Club and Harry Potter 15 January 2020

Novelties Book Club reviewed their latest reads on the Grampian Children’s Book Award shortlist during their meeting on 15 January. Pupils had lots on the agenda, but the highlight was the chat about our annual Harry Potter Book Party in 3 weeks time.

Kate and Grace will help Professor Snape with the Slytherin snakes. Yes, our VIPs will be back as the star attractions.

Lots of magic & fun ahead.

We all LOVED Michael’s quiz for the TriWizard Challenge 🌟.

He shared the quiz with fellow Novelties Book Clubbers and all were very impressed! The scroll on the presentation is wonderful. Well done Michael.

Each House will have 20 seconds to answer Quizmaster Michael. A timer is included 👏.

Everyone is looking forward to the event.