Novelties Book Club Reading Recommendation Postcards 29 May 2019

Novelties Book Club on Wednesday 29 May was all about these beautiful postcards of Elgin and Moray. Sharing reading recommendations with our @bookpenpals author Kathryn Evans.


Brandon has really enjoyed The Rise of Wolves by Kerr Thomson and wrote about it on his postcard to our @bookpenpals author Kathryn Evans. He mentions another famous wolf too…. #WolfofBadenoch #famouscharacter #History #Moray #Elgin

Bow Fiddle Rock, Findhorn & The Moray Firth and book: Boy Under Water by Adam Baron and other books too, all feature on postcards to our @bookpenpals author Kathryn Evans.

#GreatReads & pictures of our beautiful area shared. Well done Natalie, Michael, Daniel & Brandon. 📚💜

We are sure Kathryn will love our recommendations.