Novelties Books Of Christmas – Hanging Advent Calendar December 2018

The Novelties Book Club pupils have created a novel advent calendar in the library. In this Countdown to Christmas, a book from the hanging display above the library desk is being opened by a pupil each day and shared.

Day One of Novelties (Book Club) Books of Christmas and their hanging advent calendar. Opened by Charlton, Luca, Finlay and Finlay (yes, two Finlays) on Monday 3 December and it is…. Sheepdog in the Snow by Lucy Daniels. Charlton shared a little of the book and all agreed this sounds a cracker #sharing.

Paired readers Riley & Rana opened no.4 in our Books of Christmas hanging advent calendar. Riley got The Walker Book of Christmas Stories. He and Rana read enjoyed the first seasonal sparkling story so much, it is on hold for next week #happyreaders #Christmas.

A Christmas Cracker is the title of the day 5 book in our Books of Christmas Advent Calendar and the Christmas paper was ripped open! Natalie read the first few chapters and there were lots of smiles #happyreaders #Festivefun.

Day 6 and paired readers Rocco and Stella enjoyed unwrapping Thursday 7 December’s gift in the hanging advent calendar: The Christmas Cat by Robert Westall. Both agreed this was a book to purr over. Lovely drawings of Bobbie the apple-thief too ChristmasBooks .

Day 7 of our Hanging Advent Calendar Books of Christmas and paired readers David and Lauren were eager to find out today’s book.

Welcome to Forever X by Geraldine McCaughrean and the hotel where every day is Christmas Day. David & Lauren read a little and David has borrowed it #result