Poetry Day 2017 – The EA poet

Staff Poetry Competition for

National Poetry Day 28 September

Our very happy winner of our Staff Poetry Competition:Mr McWhirter.

He struck Gold with ‘Parental Freedom’. Judge Mr Meisner’s comments are in a poem:


A tough decision, but all our poets are winners,
For taking free time and putting pencil to paper.
For is there greater freedom than to share one’s own thoughts?
Maybe there is…..but I think not.
So in bronze medal place………is the poet who suggests,
How to be “Free  From” online junk in “39 Steps”
It was funny, a rollicking read, and it’s only my view,
Reminded me of the “Choose Life” scene from Trainspotting 2.
In second place silver we have…………. “Not A Number”
Who gives their passionate views of the Brexit blunder.
Where the freedom to vote and our freedom of voice,
Wil limit freedoms to trade, to work and limit freedoms of choice.
The gold medal gong, our poetic first prize,
Goes to a touching poem that could bring tears to eyes.
Whether parents are here or long gone, there’s a time when we all need ‘em,
Elgin Academy Staff winner 2017 is………..”Parental Freedom.”