S1 Information Detectives – Information Literacy – 3 – 6 September 2019

During week 3 of our new term, beginning 3 September, the S1 classes enjoyed being Information Detectives #collaborating #reading #learning #havingfun

Lots of topics to research and all pupils did so well!

They embraced our Information Challenge with energy & enthusiasm..

Fast-work detectives included this group.

Well done to Tegan, Zara, Sandra and Tia.

They received extra points for speed and extra information #informationdetectives️‍♂️️‍♀️

Who are the champions?

They are.

Another top team of Luke, John, Dylan & Lewis were chuffed to bits to be a winning team in the Information Challenge.

All deserved a lucky dip from our jar on the library desk.



This speedy S1 team are the week’s – winners of the Information Challenge. They completed their research task on snowboarding in record time .

Well done Duncan, Tom, Alex, Finlay and Hunni #informationliteracy #independentlearning