S3 Digital Poetry

S3 Digital Poetry

This Digital Poetry session was a first for us and all enjoyed it on Friday 21 April. The S3 Scottish Teenage Book Prize pupils were introduced to a selection of poems, then  viewed the Advanced Higher English students’ poetry trailers and  listened, as Mrs Toonen read the poem Big Hole by Jackie Kay. Pupils, in groups, discussed what they might put into a video trailer for this poem and reported back. They discussed elements such as images, sounds, camera shots and techniques. Now, pupils will select their own poems and think about creating their video trailers.  We are looking forward to seeing these.


Big Hole by Jackie Kay

My best friend Jenny Colquhoun has moved on.

She’s gone to live in a posher part of town.

She left a big hole; an empty space next to my desk.

My hands hold themselves on the way to school.


But see in her new house she has a dining room,

a TV room – imagine a room just for watching!-

And her own bedroom. I stayed the night;

got lost on my way back from the bathroom.


I was there the day before her ninth birthday.

I was the special friend from the old school.

But when her new friends came they stared

till I thought I should check the mirror, as if


I had a big hole in my tights. ‘What did you

get Jenny for her birthday?’ ‘Anne of Green Gables’

I said, burning under the wrong dress,

wanting the thick carpet to swallow me up.

‘Have you always been that colour?’ says the one

with the freckles. And a giggle spreads from room

to room till Jenny’s beautiful red-haired mother

saves me: ‘Anne of Green Gables? A wonderful book’.