Scottish PEN Workshop with Nik Williams 6 September 2018

We were delighted to welcome Nik Williams from Scottish Pen to the library on the morning of Thursday 6 September.

We also welcomed to Joel, from Lossiemouth High School who is part of Elgin Academy Advanced Higher Modern Studies group and he, with Ronah, Leah and Destiny, were looking forward to the workshop. In fact, we all were!

This workshop included lots of issues  to think about and discuss and was a great session with Nik, on censorship and the tension between free expression and hate speech.

Huge thanks from us to Nik and to Scottish PEN for an excellent workshop, with so much to think about and to consider for our Higher English and Advanced Higher Modern Studies students.

This workshop and trip, to Elgin, for Nik was a long distance and was much appreciated by us all . Thank you Nik and Thank you Scottish Pen👍.