Scottish Teen Book Prize 2017

Adapting scenes from the Scottish Teen Book Prize 17 shortlisted books to comic strip adaptations 14 Dec. 16

S3 pupils enjoyed chatting about & enjoying working on their comic strip adaptations this and listening to our festive, jolly music.

  • Adrienne, Demi and Jemma are adapting the scene from Silver Skin when Voy falls down, after being struck by lightning.
  • Nicole is adapting the scene, with character Heather in the ‘Now’, talking to Dr Petersen in Black Cairn Point TickTock!
  • Elana has chosen to re-create the scene from Black Cairn Point where the group find the brooch on the pagan burial site.
  • What plunged into the water? Joe & Finlay have chosen to adapt a thrilling scene from Silver Skin for their comic strip.
  • Raegan is adapting the part when the brothers are drawn to the newest exhibit in The Last Soldier for his comic strip.
  • No spoilers! Caley & Eilidh’s chosen scene is the last one in Black Cairn Point for their comic strip adaptation.