Team EA Mental Health Day 12 February 2020

Our library was the place to be during lunchtime on Tuesday 12 February. Our Mental Health Ambassadors, several staff, S6 pupils Nicole Watt and Kirsty McLeod and the pupil library assistants helped to deliver a successful Mental Health Day. There were lots of opportunities for all in school, including: healthy snacks, sharing speech bubbles, trying brain boosting activities AND meeting our VIDs/doggies Harris, Islay, Derek, Rudy and Silkie. Our visitors were in school, courtesy of Canine Concern Scotland and Therapet service Paws Against Stress, and visited with their owners Tom, Siobhan, Sarah, Elaine and local co-ordinator Maureen.

The dogs were a huge hit with our pupils and staff and there were requests for this to be a weekly session! We saw very happy pupils and staff meeting the Paws Against Stress Very Important Dogs.

Mr Wormald in the PE department  introduced brain boosting activities and there were lots  skills on display from Team EA and lots of fun trying out the exercises.


The Colouring- In tables were busy and there was some good chat too around the tables, about mental health strategies and there was also table with speech bubbles to write or draw on, to display favourite de-stress activities.

Healthy snacks were on offer and pupils enjoyed a snack with a good book. Reading is a brilliant stress-reliever!


Jack, one of our Mental Health Ambassadors, was delighted with the responses to the Suggestion Box for the new Calm Room, which is coming soon and will be in the library for all pupils. Taylor in S1 wrote her suggestion and popped it into the box.

Our Mental Health Day 2020 was very popular and enjoyed hugely by all who participated in the activities.

Huge thanks to Maureen from Canine Concern and Therapet for their sessions and especially thanks to their star attraction dogs.

The Top Library Pic of the Day was of Silkie, who is a reading dog and who clearly approved of our library books. Phew! Nearly a ruff moment there!