The Scottish Teenage Book Prize Champion for 2018

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize Champion for 2018 – plans, advocates and books!


The Library and the S3 English department collaborative project plans have won the school the opportunity to be Schools Champion for Scotland for the Teenage Book Prize 2018.

Scottish Book Trust are supporting Librarian Mrs Toonen’s and English teacher Mrs Bodiam’s plans for the project, which also links to the school’s efforts to become a Rights Respecting School.  We have received funding from SBT for inter-disciplinary working, as well as further support for taking the project onwards.


At our first meeting on Wednesday 10 January, pupils were very excited about plans for their visit to Edinburgh on 23 and 24 January.

This will include a visit to the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood on, when pupils will share their ideas about what the Scottish Parliament does and what changes they would like to see made in Scotland. By exploring what’s devolved/reserved, they can discuss how best to get ideas listened to, for example, petitions and the Public Petitions Committee. We shall be looking at democracy in action and are looking forward to an interactive session, using iPads for quizzes.

Our group also hopes to look at a live bill and to have the opportunity to contribute to committee consultations where possible. They will also find out more about their MSP and hope to meet Richard Lochhead during their visit.

Add in trips to Edinburgh Castle and to Blackwell’s Bookshop and excitement levels were rising high! All activities and visits are linked to the three shortlisted books.

Now, map planning and book buying plans and… what to pack!


Huge thanks to Scottish Book Trust for supporting our project and to Kelsey at SBT👍.


We are now making plans to be advocates, and to take our project even further, to work with partners outside school. The staff and pupils involved are ALL so EXCITED!📚 about being Scottish Teenage Book Prize Champion for 2018.