We Celebrated Muriel Spark Centenary in Style 13 June 2018

We celebrated the centenary of Muriel Spark in style in our Jeanius of Spark event!

The evening began at 6.30pm, with a big welcome from Lauren, to our guests.

Our retro tea room looked amazing and there was a refreshing and reviving tea on offer, provided by Miss Ainslie & her team from the after-school cookery club. We had lots of information to read on the screen, provided by Mr Clark in the English department and his S2 class. Mr Clark also gave us some anecdotes about the school during the 1930’s and some of its former pupils and staff. All very entertaining and interesting. One of our guests remembered the staff and pupils too!


There was a wonderful story from Mr Kelly in our Physics department. He is a former pupil of James Gillespie’s High School in Edinburgh. The same school Muriel Spark attended.

Miss Jean Brodie and Miss McKay, aka Rana and Fiona, our senior students brought The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie alive for everyone in an amazing performance. The fabulous fiddlers, with Mrs Mackay, played at the beginning of the evening and during tea too and ensured everything went with a swing.

Quiz time at our Jeanius of Spark event and ooh, it was tricky. Film stars of the 1930’s. But, could the teams beat the teachers’ team?…. No, they couldn’t!

The winners of the quiz! Mrs Campbell is delighted with her bundle of books written by Muriel Spark. Helped a bit, it was admitted, by Mr Clark. Jeanius of Spark = Good Times .

This event was the result of a huge team effort and huge thanks to our pupils, including behind the scenes James & Lauren and Miss Ainslie and her after-school cookery club; Mrs Mackay and the EA Fiddle Group; Mrs Boyd and Rana and Fiona, our senior students from the Drama department. Also, Mrs Nealon our music specialist, Miss McNeil in History, Mr Clark in English and Mr Kelly, in the Physics department and, of course, Miss Brodie (Mrs Munro, one of our Depute Heads).

“For people who like that sort of thing,that is the sort of thing they like”.