World Book Day – Drop Everything & Read and Heroes & Villains Event – 7 March 2019

World Book Day was on Thursday 7 March – and was a celebration of reading, books, authors and illustrators.

Everyone joined in with our own big, happy, booky day of reading:

  • We DROPPED EVERYTHING AND READ for 15 minutes on from 10:10am. In the library, S6 students Rosie & Sophie were ready. Down went the study notes and up came the books.

Time for a book and some personal reading? Yes 👍 said Mr Scott and Mr MacKay. Lots of photos were taken by our photographers, the pupil library assistants.

Yaay for our science departments. Everyone enjoyed a book in the labs.

We look forward every year to the Drop Everything and Read photos from the PE department and they did not disappoint. All enjoyed their books.

A huge thanks to our host for our lunchtime event – Mr McWhirter 📚🎉

  • There was an exciting event during lunchtime in the library: HEROES & VILLAINS IN JUST A MINUTE CHALLENGE

Our characters were challenged to speak for one minute on any subject that came up on the cards, with no deviation, repetition or hesitation.

Our VIP Lounge was open and ready to welcome our Heroes & Villains for the Big World Book Day event. First to arrive were Harley Quinn, Member of the Court of Owls & Thor. Next were Captain Marvel, looking marvel-ous and The Riddler, looking splendid. Ready to #ShareAStory.

Our Heroes & Villains did not seem nervous about the Just a Minute Challenge at all….

But, after Cruella de Vil had arrived, closely followed by the dynamic duo Batman and Robin, perhaps that was about to change.

The audience was in awe of our #teamEA graphic novel characters…

The Just a Minute Challenge topics were created by Ivo & Vaughan in Comic Characters Club and the challenges for our first three contestants included Stan Lee; Marvel and.. Fiction. A challenge for some, but not all!

The challenges continued for our contestants and was it fair to give Captain Marvel, the topic of…. DC?! She did brilliantly. No hesitation, deviation nor repetition. Fab performances from our Court of Owls member, Thor & finishing with Cruela de Vil.

Our S6 girls were particularly appreciative of the performances in the World Book Day Just a Minute Challenge and illustrated our celebration of stories, books, authors and illustrators perfectly. We all had fun and everyone enjoyed the day immensely.

The audience voted for the best costume – all home-made, with gloves and ‘R’ emblems coming from our Home Economics department and borrowed tights! – to Robin.

This comic character shone today.

BIG thanks to our Heroes & Villains for giving us a fabulous event and another memorable World Book Day. Our panel of contestants:

BATMAN (MR SCOTT), ROBIN (Mr McKay) CAPTAIN MARVEL (Mrs Stewart) THE RIDDLER (Mr Clark), CRUELA DE VIL (Miss Weir) THOR (Josh Ross in S1) HARLEY QUINN (Morgan Munro in S1) MEMBER OF COURT OF OWLS (Jake Erskine in S1) (and hosted by our own Superhero (Mr McWhirter).  All💫💫#teamEA