World Book Day Is Just Around The Corner!

World Book Day is on Thursday 1 March and is a celebration of reading, books, authors and illustrators.


For our own big, happy, booky day of reading:

  • We will DROP EVERYTHING AND READ for 15 minutes on Thursday 1 March. A bell will ring at 10:30am and we will all ‘down tools’ for 15 minutes to enjoy reading. Please make sure you have got something to read during our annual DEAR event.
  • An exciting event is planned for lunchtime and your support will help to make it a memorable one: THE BIG BOOK BALLOON, with SIX well-known characters in the hot-air balloon, who are Sherlock Holmes, Asterix, Velma Dinkley, Cruella Da Vil, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Our event will be hosted by The Mad Hatter. Our characters will try to stay in the balloon and have 2 minutes each to make their case. The audience will vote for them to remain in, or vote to have them thrown out of the balloon.

What is Cruella De Vil doing in our library this lunchtime? Or, is it Miss Weir from the Maths department? 📚.

Look at Mrs Hendry, from our Modern Studies department, as never seen before. What is she doing?

All will be revealed on World Book Day Thursday 1 March!

This should be an entertaining and exciting event and all participants will be glad of your support.

All in the library, on Thursday 1 March, from 1.00pm

  • On the library door, from Monday, WRITES OF PASSAGE. Fill in a card with a book that has made you think WOW! Why as it?

Go on, show you care about reading.