World Cup Reading Challenge for Staff Summer 2018

Are our staff ready for kick-off?  Displays, books and a Big Reading Challenge too. To include food and drink from the participating countries too. Well, why not? ⚽⚽📚📚🌞 #WorldCup2018

Staff are invited to read a book from one of the participating countries in this year’s tournament, share it & some fine fare too to eat and drink and share, with everyone, after the holidays.  Draw a country & book from the box before the 14 June. Let’s get reading more this summer 📚⚽ #WorldCup2018 ⚽📚💜.

Head teacher Mr Barnett has his summer reading sorted.. from Uruguay…. Hmmm…..some chaja cake maybe?⚽

Mrs Gordon from our Biology department scored a cracker, with her book from Colombia and the classic Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez .

Know a reluctant young reader who loves football? Gain persuasion techniques with these 5 ways in which reading books will make them better at the beautiful game: http://bit.ly/ReadingMakesYouBetteratFootball ….