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So Proud of our Team EA – 20 March 2020

On Thursday 19 March, we issued an invitation to all pupils:

We are open today & tomorrow, so stuff your bag!  Read, read, read: adventures, new worlds, giggles, fun, WOW! moments, lots to learn, to be inspired and to enjoy! All in books AND you can borrow as many as you want. Go on, get in and empty our shelves #teamEA.

We have been so impressed by and proud of our pupils. So many want to take books and so many have visited the library – who haven’t in a long time.

Lots of senior pupils have borrowed books. There is no limit on how many books to take home.

After letting Team EA know that they can take as many books home as they want and, at any time before they have to be off school for a long time…we have been besieged!

Josh loves Norm by Jonathan Meres and is looking forward to laughs with his favourite character in the days ahead.

We have issued so many books, with our no-limit, anytime, clear the shelves invitation.

S2 Drama pupils asked Mrs Denovan in the Drama department if they could interview Team EA about the penultimate day in school. Questions they asked:

How will the closure impact on the library?

Has there been more borrowing of books?

Are there plans in place such as online resources?

Yes to the last two!

Well done Michael, Owen. Casey & Katherine.

Novelties Book Club is amazing. Official!

Our S1- S3 pupils finished school on 19 March and from home on the 20 March, the younger ones sent in the book trailer they have been working on – after setting up an online sharing forum at home -this will be shared soon. They snapped a photo and their message: Take care & keep reading!

So proud of our fabulous school community.

Mrs Toonen was The CILIPS Library and Information Professional of the Year 2018!

Read the article on Mrs T by clicking the link below:

“The following is a guest post by Shelagh Toonen as part of our focus on members and their sectors”

 Mrs Toonen was the CILIPS Library and Information Professional of the Year 2018.

“The following is a guest post by Shelagh Toonen as part of our focus on members and their sectors”.






Librarian: Shelagh Toonen
Tel: (01343) 543485
Email: shelagh.toonen@moray-edunet.gov.uk

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