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World Cup 2014 Book Fever

World Cup 2014 - Book Fever

Staff kicked off the World Cup with a special sweepstake and participated in the Library’s Literary World Cup 2014.

They read books associated with countries competing in the tournament and pupils were encouraged to ask staff about their books. Staff will donate the books to the library.


At the beginning of the new term, in August, staff will meet in the library to share a 90 word ‘match report’ with their opinions and thoughts of the book.


Staff taking part and countries are:


Mr Abenheimer        Germany

Mr Baker                    Australia

Mr Barnett                  Ecuador

Mr Clark                     Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ms Dempsey             Begium

Mrs Grant                   Portugal

Mr Grant                     Argentina

Mrs Havinden           Nigeria

Mrs Hendry               The Netherlands

Mrs Lee                      Costa Rica

Ms Lyall                     Cameroon

Mr Lestienne             France

MsMcKie                    Brasil

Mrs Meisner              Spain

Miss NcNeil               Uruguay

MrsMain                     Ivory Coast

Mr Morrison               Colombia

Miss Newbould        Chile

Mrs Toonen               Italy

Mr Tsotsi                    Ghana

MrsWalker                 Mexico