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Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2014


The Scottish Book Awards trip, Glasgow

On March 5th, the Library Book Group travelled by train to Glasgow to attend The Scottish Book Awards. Rhona Sword and Sophie Wink were awarded second and third prizes in the review competition, the first time that two people from the same school have received awards. The competition this year had record-breaking entries and the girls’ reviews were displayed on the screens during the ceremony. They were awarded their prizes and certificates by one of the short listed authors. This was a fabulous achievement by both girls and we all enjoyed a great day at The Mitchell Library and agreed that it was a great experience for aspiring authors. The author we voted for, Claire McFall, won The Scottish Book Award with her book Ferryman.

We teamed up with the group from BuckieHigh School to form The Moray Masterminds in a quiz during the ceremony and came second, only one point behind the winning team. We thought the day was worthwhile and a fantastic learning experience. We also enjoyed working with the Buckie High group and thought it was teamwork at its finest.

 Craig Sweetmore 4S


The Scottish Children’s Book Awards are voted for entirely by children across Scotland.

Elgin Academy is Involved!

Reading, judging, voting and reviewing the 12 – 16 years category

FLASH!  Two of our girls won 2nd and 3rd places in the review competition. They will be on stage at the Awards Ceremony – it wasn’t until after judging that they realised Elgin Academy had taken 2 out of the top 3 places. Well done girls!

Rhona Sword (2nd)

I really enjoyed Ferryman by Claire McFall. My initial thoughts of the book were that it was quite boring, but as soon as I reached the third chapter I was hooked. It was such an interesting concept and a whole new take on the ‘afterlife’, which I found very intriguing. The characters were very well written and as a reader I felt that I was in the story with them.

Tristan was perhaps a character I could identify more with, in his closed off persona, but Dylan was more of a character that readers would want to be more like. The character development was also very good as their personalities changed a little with every little challenge thrust upon them. It was an exciting love story with a twist and after the first chapter there wasn’t one boring moment. I couldn’t put it down and thought it was an excellent read.

Sophie Wink (3rd)

Reading Ferryman was one heck of a journey! But, a good and enjoyable one. It took me across droplets of naivety, a fast current of nerves and anger, the blackness of the unknown, crashing, bounding waves of an unusual love, a tsunami of heartbreak; ripples of determination and the gentle cruising of relief and realisation.

This book offers a whirlwind of emotions and encourages you to live life to the fullest. I look forward to the author’s next breathtakingly gripping novel.


Awards Ceremony

Event Details

Date Begins Ends Venue Cost
Wednesday 5 March 2014 1.30pm 2:45pm The Mitchell Library, Glasgow (North Street, G3 7DN) FREE

And the winner is… 

Our judges from the S3/4 Authorities Book Group hope to attend the Scottish Children’s Book Awards ceremony, meet the authors and illustrators and be part of the audience who gets to see the winners being announced.

12-16 years Category:

As well as getting to meet their favourite authors in this year’s Scottish Children’s Book Awards we will be invited to ask questions during a panel interview and Q&A before testing our knowledge against other groups in the Big SCBA Book Quiz. 


Waterstones will be at the ceremony with all the shortlisted books for sale which can then have signed by the authors and illustrators. They’ll be open for business at noon and again at 2.45pm.


We have to submit our votes by 5pm on Friday 7 February. 


twitter review:

The Ferryman



 Ferryman by Claire McFall

A thrilling adventure which tugs at the heartstrings, where the spirit of love is not only in the air but engraved on your heart



The Book of Doom Review: By Craig McCoist

Sweetmore, 4.7S

After Barry Hutchinson’s book “The 13th Horseman won the Children’s book award in Dundee 2012 (which I attended), the long awaited sequel “The Book of Doom” had arrived. The Book of everything having been lost to Hell (oops!), Heaven sends Zac (having been killed to be hired) and his half-angel half-demon Angelo to get it back. Travelling through the afterworlds, where people will go when they die, Zac and Angelo confront demons, undead Vikings and Angelo’s nasty side (resulting a slide-by god war) to reach Hell and return with the book. The Book of Doom is an extremely entertaining read, where the truths about death are seemingly answered (All the religions were right, there are many places to go after death, God quit, etcetera) and the characters are unique in their own way (Angelo going demon after a quote from the Hulk, one of the many comic books he reads). I seriously enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who likes a good story and a good laugh.