Grampian Childrens' Book Awards Event 2014

The Novelties S2 Book Group attended the Grampian Childrens’ Book Award ceremony in Aberdeen on 14 May with Mrs Toonen, where a great day was had by all. The pupils had read the shortlisted books and voted for their favourite and were able to meet authors Dave Cousins, Claire McFall, Lari Donn and Keith Charteris.

 Views from some in the group:

I thought that the authors made some funny comments. Dave Cousins said he was called Birmingham at school. When he was asked his name, because he was so shy, he had said Birmingham instead of Dave and the name stuck. Claire McFall, who is a teacher, gave her main character, a girl, the name Dylan. This was to get revenge on a boy in her class called Dylan. Megan Edwards.

 The best parts of the day for me were when Mrs Toonen pushed me to the front of the queue to get my book signed. I also got my photo taken with Claire McFall. I was given the microphone and asked Dave Cousins a question. This was ‘Did he enjoy writing when he was younger? He replied that he did and that he had started writing songs, before progressing to short stories and novels. Hollie Stevenson.

 I was disappointed that Barry Hutchison was ill and couldn’t be there to sign my book, but the whole day was a great experience and I enjoyed hearing the authors talk about what gives them their ideas. Lewis McCafferty.

 The winner of the award was Dave Cousins with his second novel Waiting for Gonzo and was clearly a popular choice. Being able to meet the authors after the ceremony and have books signed were the highlights of the day.