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Paired Readers

Our Paired Readers

Paired Reading at Elgin Academy

A well-run paired reading scheme can have massive benefits for all pupils involved.

“The boost to school pupils’ attainment provided by peer tutoring was equivalent to about three months progression both maths and reading”. (Durham University 2011)

Elgin Academy has been running its Paired Reading scheme for three years and the benefits are acknowledged within the school community.

S6 students are paired with younger pupils in S1, S2 and S3, with the aim of encouraging reading fluency and comprehension. This sharing of books and reading takes place in the library.

All pupils enjoy their weekly session with their reading partners and forge firm friendships during the year. The programme leads to increased reading abilities and enjoyment of reading by the younger pupils, as well as a growth in confidence. They learn a lot from their S6 partners and are encouraged positively in lots of ways by them.

Staff appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm shown by S6 paired readers, who are very committed to ensuring the success of this reading scheme.


Bruce & Alex have hit it off during their paired reading sessions and are enjoying reading and chatting about lots of different things.

Paired Readers Party