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2. Harry Potter in The Library@EA

A night dedicated to Harry Potter – The boy who lived, lived on at our Harry Potter Book Night



February 5th 2015 saw the first ever Harry Potter Book Night. This was a great opportunity to pass the wand on to new readers and all pupils, parents and friends were invited to embrace the magic and banish the midwinter blues! We hosted a huge crowd of muggles, witches and wizards and all had a magical time.  So many love Harry Potter books because they tell such great stories and introduce truly memorable characters. It was wonderful to celebrate that and welcome in the next generation of readers on Harry Potter Book Night.  All were treated to an evening of games, activities, readings and quizzes. The Sorting Hat decided who will be in which House, competing for house points throughout the evening’s activities. These included a fancy dress competition, Diagon Alley Hunt and a fiendish Harry Potter Trivia Challenge. Our Library was transformed into Hogwarts Library, with a transfiguration booth and snacks, inspired by some of the scrumptious wizard foods in the books, were served during the evening. 


 We had own Professor McGonagall in charge of The Sorting Ceremony, with Professor Snape at the Potions and Spells Corner. This was a huge hit with all ages, with one young visitor asking, in awe, if Miss McQueen (Professor Snape) was indeed a teacher of magic!  Our star attractions were Slytherin Snakes, and there was queue all evening to view the snakes and hear our Professor Gray talk about them. Pottermore Shop had stalls selling butterbeer, cupcakes, biscuits and Harry Potter books and all flew off the shelves.  There was a surprise appearance from Hagrid and Professor Dumbledore awarded prizes in the fancy dress competition, which was won by Ellie Mackenzie, 1R8 and to the winner of the Diagon Alley Hunt, which was Daniel Campbell .


Thank you to all parents and friends of the school for supporting this memorable first Harry Potter Book Night. Thank you also to our wonderful Ministry of Magic staff team and to all pupils for creating such a spellbinding event.

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