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Harry Potter Night


Harry Potter books

We are very excited about our forthcoming Harry Potter Book Night at Elgin Academy.

February 5th 2015 will see the first ever Harry Potter Book Night celebrated throughout the world and here at Elgin Academy, we are getting ready for our own special evening of wizard activities.

On Harry Potter Book Night, we shall be sharing the wonder of J.K. Rowling’s unforgettable stories and, most excitingly, introducing the next generation of readers to the unparalleled magic of Harry Potter. At Elgin Academy,  young wizards, witches and Muggles will be treated to an evening of games, activities, readings and quizzes. It all begins when the Sorting Hat decides who will be in which House, competing for house points throughout the evening’s activities.

These will include:

*   a fancy dress competition

*   Diagon Alley Hunt

*   a fiendish Harry Potter Trivia Challenge

*   a transfiguration booth

*   snacks inspired by some of the scrumptious wizard foods in the books – from Cauldron Cakes to Pumpkin Pasties

*   Butterbeer and cupcakes for sale

Our library will be transformed into Hogwarts Library, with our own depute head, Professor McGonagall, in charge of The Sorting Ceremony. Professor Snape will be at the Potions and Spells Corner and Professor Dumbledore will be in charge of the evening.

Our two star attractions will be Slytherin Snake and Hedwig Owl, arriving with our post.  We are so excited to be joining up with libraries, bookshops and community centres throughout the UK and beyond to celebrate the first ever Harry Potter Book Night. So many people are fans of the Harry Potter books because they make every day magical.

This special event will take place on Thursday 5 February from 6.00pm – 7.30pm. We would be over the moon if you were able to give us some pre-publicity and help us promote the event, as well as considering covering the  event itself.

If you would like more information, please see Mrs Toonan