About The Library


Welcome to our library which is a vital part of EA and is indeed the dynamic, diverse and dizzyingly active centre of the school. It is truly an exciting place to be in and to work in.

At Elgin Academy Library, we host an impressive collection of books, covering everything from fiction to farce, from Dahl to dictionaries, and we have fabulous displays too!

As well as encouraging everyone to read, the library hosts regular events throughout the year. These include Book Week Scotland, National Poetry Day, World Book Day, Harry Potter Book Night and other events too – keep an eye on the library web pages and Twitter feed to find out what’s happening.ask a librarian

We have new and exciting events every year.

We also shadow the Scottish Teenage and Grampian Children’s Book Awards and The Excelsior Award and have had outstanding successes with the national awards, securing top prizes in both the review and book trailer competitions.

We all love our author visits and these help to inspire our pupils in their own writing, as well as encouraging us all to read more.

Edinburgh International Book Festival Trip 2019

Regular activities include Novelties Book Club, Paired Reading, OSCAR Time (our school cares about reading) and our hugely popular Speakers’ Corner during Thursday lunchtimes.

Speaking of hugely popular events, we can’t not mention our annual EAvision Song batgirlContest, as part of European Week of Languages Week, which is now a highlight of the school calendar. It is a lot of fun and also flags up the importance of speaking a different language. Our Eurofun event and our Books Around the World Challenge both help to celebrate the importance of modern languages.

Our projects and investigations range from Foods Around the World, to American Civil Rights to The Resurrectionists and we have senior information literacy skills classes too, with units on all-important bibliographic and referencing skills. Plagiarism too. VIP to know, we know.

All of which means that our library is the place to be in the school!

We are all rightly proud of our library and its role as the hub of the school.

Pop in for a peek!

Mrs Toonen.

Mrs Toonen is a member of School Libraries Group Scotland, which aims to support and promote the professional interests of school librarians throughout Scotland. It also aims to raise awareness of the role of professionally qualified librarians and the potential of school libraries. The link to their blog is https://slgscotland.wordpress.com/ 



. We are at the top of the stairs between the staffroom and English department. Look out for our colourful displays at the doors and display screen which shows details of whats happening that week in the library.

 Mrs Toonen is supported by a team of pupil library assistants.


Contact Details:

Librarian: Shelagh Toonen
Tel: (01343) 543485
Email: Shelagh.Toonen@moray-edunet.gov.uk

Welcome from our 2018-19 junior library assistant crew: 

Kelly, Carrie, Joshua, Ellie, Cameron and Camryn

Inside The Library

Centre Of The Library ICT Area

Centre Of The Library


In the centre of the library there is some comfy chairs and bean bags to sit back and relax whilst reading your book.

This is also an active learning space.

ICT Area

DSC_0010If you've got some homework to do or some assignments to complete, the computers are available for research and word processing at lunchtime.