Author Visit – Allan Burnett

Interview with Allan Burnett

We interviewed Allan in the library after his talk to the S1s in the hall. We asked different questions about his books and he told us that he likes them all equally, because he wrote them. Then, we asked him how many books he has written and he told us it is more than eleven now. We had a good chat with him and Aidan wrapped up the interview  by asking him “Will you write any more books and he replied “Hopefully I will write more history books about different countries..

Allan’s books are for sale at all good bookshops.

One final fact: We asked him what his favourite book is and he told us it is Lord of The Rings by JRR Tolkien.

By Logan Glynn – (1.6 Seafield)  & Aidan Henderson – (1.6 Innes)

We were delighted to welcome best-selling author, historian and perfomer Allan Burnett to school on Thursday 27 August for a return visit. He spoke to all S1 in the hall about The Wars of Independence and entertained pupils with stories and facts from his book William Wallace And All That. S1 pupils were a brilliant audience, with lots of enthusiasm and great answers to Allan’s questions.

Everyone enjoyed the interactive part of the session, especially dressing up as Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and The Countess of Buchan. Lots of books were sold and signed by Allan. We were delighted too, that Allan stayed for a little while afterwards and was happy to be interviewed by two of our S1 boys.

S1 pupils were enthusiastic about Allan’s visit:

“The most interesting part was when Allan told us about how Robert the Bruce murdered an English man in church with a dagger.”

Rebecca Thorne

 “I enjoyed going up to the front and dressing up as Robert the Bruce and taking part in the story.”

Tom Weir

“I thought it was really clear and I enjoyed hearing about how Edward the Third fell off a cliff on his pony. I found it all fascinating and interesting, especially about how Robert the Bruce came to power and how he defeated Henry de Bohun”.

Grace Caudle.

“I enjoyed seeing Tom in the helmet, because it looked funny, but awesome too. Also, I liked hearing about Robert the Bruce”.

David Boag.

“I don’t think the talk could have been any better.”

Paris Thorpe.