Author Visit – Lesley Glaister

We were thrilled to welcome writer Lesley Glaister to school on Monday 23 November. Lesley is a novelist, playwright and teacher of writing.

The Staff Book Group met at lunchtime and all enjoyed cakes and chat with Lesley about her books.

Lesley then worked with a Higher English class and inspired pupils with their own creative writing, giving techniques and ideas for the pupils’ own writing.

All in the class were enthusiastic about Lesley’s visit and felt that her visit was really worthwhile.



Fabulous Feedback

  • It was great to receive advice about creative writing from a successful author. It gave me plenty of ideas and inspiration to put towards my writing pieces in English. – Rachel Hagen.
  • It was good to have someone in to school that has different ways of teaching. It was interesting hearing from a successful author and I found it better to have someone who has experience, to talk and inspire us about creative writing. – Kirstie McLean.
  • I thought that the visit of author Lesley Glaister was valuable and particularly relevant, as her advice and input on creative writing will help us greatly in our folio work. It was also a welcome change to the coursework and the curriculum. – Ross Beveridge.
  • Lesley Glaister was very engaging with the class, asking useful questions and showcased good techniques. She furthered our understanding of unique characters. – Lewis Wood.
  • It was good to have a real author in school, as she showed us how she thought of characters in her own novels. The exercise helped me to think of an idea for my own folio.  Joe Welsh.


Look at the cakes Mrs Forster made. Fantastic hieroglyphic icing. For chat with Lesley Glaister about Little Eygpt.